The wrong man woman!

I’d say the caption writer at AP or Newsday has been given some serious lattitude on this photograph featuring what he/she calls ‘Leaders of the Irish Republican Army’. Thanks to reader Jeremy.

  • slug

    I see it has been fixed.

  • Henry94

    So much for photographic evidence.

  • cheap calls

    So Dr Paisley works for Newsday now does he? 🙂

  • Dualta

    That caption can’t be right. I can see Mitchel ‘The Draft-dodger’ McLaughlin over the boul Gerry’s shoulder.

  • SlugFest

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but Newsday is my hometown paper.

    A few years ago, one of their oh-so-mediocre staff writers came to an Irish language class I was taking. This particular class was held in the backroom of an Irish pub in Manhattan. The ‘writer’ sat in on the class, and then questioned each of us personally. Based on his questions, it was clear that the guy had already written the article beforehand … he was trying desperately to steer all of us into saying that we were seeking out our Irish roots as a direct result of September 11th. Not a single soul in that class claimed such nonsense, and the guy (Patrick something or other) was obviously frustrated, as now he would have to actually write a new article (I believe they call that ‘work’).

    The following week, someone brought in a copy of said article – the ‘writer’ described the class venue as ‘an IRA war room’ with (can’t remember the exact quote, but here’s a gander) ‘one lone light bulb swinging from the ceiling.’ High drama all around. Mind you, that little backroom, while nothing to write home about, does actually have sconces on the wall.

    If nothing else, it gave all of us a good laugh – the craic was ninety that night, if you will.

  • Emily

    If they fixed it before, they’ve unfixed it again. As of this posting, the caption I’m seeing still says “Leaders…”

    Slugfest – imagine…a predetermined, melodramatic journalist. Who would have thought?!? 🙂

  • David Vance

    ..I would have thought this was one of AP’s more accurate attempts….

  • SlugFest


    ’tis true, ’tis true.

    Though I must tell you my classmates and i had a lot of fun arguing over who would be our ‘Chief of Staff’!

  • SlugFest


    They just updated the photo caption. (I wrote them a long-winded email complaining).

    Whoops! Now Newsday knows who I am.