No Direction Home

If you’re not watching the Martin Scorsese directed documentary on Bob Dylan on BBC2 right now.. why the hell not? Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers have already been name-checked, as well as more obvious influences like Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, Pete Seeger, et al.. and it’s only part 1.. Wonderful stuff. Watch it if you can.. or you could buy the DVD.. as well, that is.

  • SeamusG

    I’m at work so I’m missing “His Bobness” but all is not lost….well, at least it isn’t if I’ve set the video correctly….

  • peteb

    Hope you’ve set the video corectly, Seamus.. It’s an amazing documentary.. but there’s always the Amazon option…

  • spirit-level

    Its the kinds doc you’ve waited all your life to see… awesome and inspiring.

  • Gum

    What a great show! I was dissapointed when it ended – am looking forward to tomorrow night’s second half. Scorsese did a good job, and Bob is so funny. His dry wit at some parts of the show was great.

    Pete – BBC4 is running programmes on Dylan all this week, and there is an extended interview with the ‘Judas’ heckler on the radio later in the week (Radio 3 I think).

  • Henry94

    That was absolutely brilliant. One of the things I enjoyed about Dylan’s book Chronicles was the sense it gave of the atmosphere of Greenwich Village in the early 60s. This film does the same. Masterpiece.

  • Ringo

    Cracking documentary – different but more engrossing than what I was expecting. Even the credits oozed class; Andy Warhol gets a run-of-the-mill acknowledgement for some of the footage.

  • Jo

    Thoroughly enjoyable, the interpersing of the 2005 Dylan was always laconic dry amusing and insightful.. Last nights second part made me realise what absolute tw*ts the interviewers were and how bemused the young Bob was at being pestered with these ohsolofty questions – in the age of 23/24…did anyone else ROAR at the STRANGE guy questioning him who had hair that looked like a hat and fixed him the CRAZY stare?