It's ALL gone…

They have made an inventory which accords to a joint governments inventory that was compiled when the commission was established. “An important milestone has been reached. We believe that all the arms held by the IRA have been decommissioned”. It leaves the Loyalist paramilitaries out in the cold.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I think I’ll wait for a few IMC reports to see if Provo criminality has been brought to a halt…I’ll not be holding my breath though!

  • Henry94


    How many IMC reports will you need?

  • circles

    Is this the next smoke screen CL?
    Do the words “pot”, “kettle” and “black” remind you of any particular phrase?
    Except when the kettle is still armed to the teeth and ready to shoot itself (and the pot when it fancies) the situation is a little more deadly.

    And how would you define “provo criminality”, just out of interest?

  • Pol Kinsella

    Sinn Fein should rule out sitting in a devolved government with the DUP until it uses its influence to get all of the Loyalist Terrorist groups to disarm and disband, no guns no government Mr. Paisley!!

  • cromwell rode

    Ha. Complete and utter surrender. Not a bullet not an ounce? It’s all gone, boys. All for nothing. And a united Ireland further away than ever.
    Rank idiocy from a republican point of view but you gotta admire the lying and manouvering the leadership has engaged in to trap their own people in this ignominous corner.

  • harry flashman

    I don’t know, I’m a great sceptic, but I’m going to take de Chastelaine at his word, he’s an honest man. I going to accept that at least 90% has gone, you know something, that’s good enough for me.

  • DaithiO

    “Cromwell Rode” Your posting doesn’t merit an answer, you are an embarrassment to unionism if that’s what you represent.

    For anyone (Paisley especially) not to accept what has happened is tantamount to calling the two clergymen and Gen. de Chastellain liars.

  • Jo

    ..and would that be a problem for the DUP calling them liars? The whispering has already begun..”clergymen not widely respected” a “failed general allowed himself to be bullied”, themmuns cant be trusted..etc etc…