IRA move key to SF's future success

Brian Feeney see little practical worth in the decommissioning of IRA weapons, but a symbolic significance the power of which will only become obvious in Sinn Fein’s next electoral performance.

  • Tiny

    It is wrong to suggest that Trimble had any choice but to pursue deccommissioning, had he not done so Donaldson’s wing of the party would have brought him down. It will be interesting to see how Donaldson responds following the provos getting rid of their weapons now he is in the DUP?

  • levee

    Decommissioning is yet another distraction to keep all the politicians from having to look out for our best interests. Politicians are destroying Northern Ireland. They’ve been doing it for years.

  • Dessertspoon

    Here Here Levee! The DUP are already getting their excuses ready and sent the team out to start moving the goal posts yet again.