Where better?

United Irelander is flushed with excitement at the news, but not only is Belfast the venue for the first ever World Toilet Summit.. they’ll be back next year too..[doesn’t anywhere else want this ‘Summit’? – Ed] And they’re going to discuss a proposal called – “The Belfast Protocol”.. *shakes head* the jokes just write themselves.

  • barcas

    Is Kilroy there already?

  • Keith M

    “Apart from revealing the worst and best public toilets in the Republic of Ireland and the UK…”

    Wow I can hardly wait, my underwear is moist in anticipation.

  • elfinto

    What an honour it is that the organisers have chosen to nominate Belfast as the world’s biggest shithole!

  • missfitz

    Have read the programme, and think session 2 would be highly recommendable for anyone invovled in the Northern Bank aftermath,

  • stan

    I hear George Michael is going to make a guest appearance.

  • spirit-level

    We need a potty training seminar and perhaps some nappy-changing initiatives for politicians to complement this exciting and unmissable event.

  • martin

    looks like derry has lost out again…this should be held in the Bog

  • Brady Hobbs

    It never ceases to astound me that BCC have spent the last fifteen years systematically removing all but, what, two of the city’s public toilets, and now they’re hosting Toilet Summits and installing expensive new pop-up pissers?

    Is endemic shortsightedness something in the water supply at City Hall?

  • circles

    This one came as a huge surprise!!! The World Toilet Summit in Belfast.
    OK so its worth a titter and a tee-hee maybe, and a re-working of all the old carry-on meets finbar saunders jokes but at the end of the day:

    Whilst 1.1 billion people do not have access to fresh water, 2.6 billion people around the world have NO ACCESS to toilets or any kind of sanitary infrastructure

    6 000 people will die today as a direct of faecal contamination of their environment (the majority of these people will be under 5)

    The centralised sewers that are in use around the world lead to a contaminiation of our water bodies and have killed thousands of square kilometres of ocean floor. At the same time, they discharge nutrients with a market value of around 15 billion USD directly into our the water where we don’t need, helping to impoverish the soil, where we actually do need it. One if these plant nutrients is phosphorous – the reserves for which are due to run out in the next 60 to 100 years, and then we have none left!!.

    Now while I like a good bog joke as much as the next person – this conference actually does have a very serious side to it.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    How does this equate to being newsworthy???

  • circles

    Aye right enough CL – whats 6 000 deaths a day in comparison to the deprivations of those on DLA?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I was referring to the title of the thread, not your input “circles”.

  • peteb

    If you’re not interested in the thread, CL.. just don’t comment.

    Simple really.

  • circles

    Fair enough CL.
    Its not the best title – but it is a huge issue. I mean all gotta go at some stage, and where do you go when you’ve nowhere to go?