Weekend comes early….

Slow blogging today I’m afraid. I’m off to Belfast in twenty minutes. Good luck to Tyrone and the Down Minors on Sunday. Happily I’ll get to see them on TV this time out rather than listening to crackling LW signals at the top of a nearby hill. I’ll blog as and when I get the opportunity over the weekend.

  • Setanta

    Come on Mayo

  • missfitz

    Up Down…..


    Hopefully Tyrone will bring Sam back to Ulster. Just to silence Pat Spillane makes it well worth cheering on Micky Harte’s boys! I think starting with Canavan is a mistake though. Also Collie Holmes should have been in the starting line-up as Kerry are stronger in the middle of the park. My main worry though is The Gooch. He is the best forward in the country and is virtually unplayable when he’s on form.

  • Dandyman

    Kerry will do the two in a row. Tyrone are all huff & puff but no real class apart from a few players who have been inconsistent/ordinary this year. The 3-week lay-off has stalled their swashbuckling momentum, Mulligan is a stone overweight, Canavan is being held together by sellotape & their blanket defense & swarm tactics won’t save them this time round.

    May the Kingdom reign.

  • Sam Maguire

    Tir Eoghain Abu!

    And may Down Minors make it a double.

  • Setanta

    I am up for Tyrone but i am afraid they do not have a hope.

  • Thomas

    A very enthusiastic press release from the UUP Trevor Ringland who urges that “everyone should rally behind Tyrone and show solidarity with our fellow Ulstermen. The red hand of Ulster is Tyrone’s symbol and should be a symbol of pride capable of uniting Ulster people of all traditions. Stand up for the Ulstermen and stand up for Tyrone. Whatever the result we should all be proud of our Province’s sporting men and women.”