Ronald..? Where's yer trewsers?

The Guardian reports on the latest evolutionary leap in McDonald’s increasingly sophisticated marketing strategy.. exclusively for the Japanese market.. for now.. and they have [some] pictures too[free reg req].. Hmm.. but did the inspiration come from this somewhat scarier source?

According to the Guardian report

A gender-bending makeover of McDonald’s marketing icon in Japan has been hailed a great success after capturing the public imagination and enticing adults back into its outlets to sample a revamped menu.

And how did they capture the public imagination?..

In the Japanese TV commercial the foxy female version, with shoulder-length straight auburn hair in place of Ronald’s frizzy mop, smoulders at the camera in a flowing yellow dress, and later a red and white striped bikini with thigh-length leggings and red high heels.

Yep. That’ll work every time.