Several stories on the Rathenraw disturbances

The largely Catholic Rathenraw Estate in Antrim town saw it’s own riots last weekend, which largely sailed under the radar. Paddy Murray, a community worker, stated his belief that it was a reaction to the police moving young people away from their usual drinking spots. However local councillor Thomas Burns suggested that the violence contained organised elements that suggested a more oranised approach. The estate has been the scene of ongoing rivalry between Sinn Fein and dissident Republicans.

  • steve48

    I have to say that I object to the use of the term community worker when describing Paddy Murray. He certainly does not meet any of the criteria in terms of working to improve the lives of the people in Rathenraw. It also makes it far more difficult to encourage support for true community work when people like Murray are present themselves as the face of the community. A much more acceptable term would be political activist though the terms I would like to use would get me a yellow card.

  • Mick


    If you can’t say what you mean without incurring a yellow card, then it’s probably just personal and best left unsaid.

    On what’s acceptable and not acceptable: I don’t lay down editorial guides for what any of the bloggers or commenters (Republican or Unionists) here should or should not write, or indeed how they should write it.

    For instance, I tend to write Derry, as that is my custom, but I don’t expect unionists to toe a line on it. I am happy with Londonderry, or Doire, or even Doire Cholm Cille.

    I picked up the discription from the news piece. It’s a general catchall term, and it seems to fit.