How riots are seen in the US…

Interesting headline in this report on Gerry Adams’ visit to the US.

  • 9countyprovience

    as the old saying goes, make hay while the sun shines.

  • Antrim Springfarm

    Pity about the lies (nothing new for Mr Adams). Paisley isn’t even in the OO!

  • Mrs Levee

    There is nothing worse than a smug republican!

  • Alan McDonald

    Let’s call this the Thread of (Pointless) One Liners.

  • ch in dallas

    Mick, There was play on the national news of burning cars ect, which was suprising given Iraq and New Orleans. However, for 30 years in the U.S. everything on Ireland has been IRA, IRA, and IRA. Brit controlled media. A Catholic from Belfast I met once asked if I’d ever heard of Prod death squads in cahoots with police, which I hadn’t. He was then invited to one of Gerry’s soirees at $10,000 a plate as a guest. (IRA member on the run??). It was then that I learned that NI had more layers than an onion. Frankly, and with great regret, I doubt that most Americans could find Ireland on a globe, and could give a rat’s turd.

  • Thomas from Texas

    How riots are seen in the US? Ch in Dallas is pretty much on the mark. With Rita bearing down on us, the political footwork from Katrina, and the background noise of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., there’s not much extra attention to pay to what’s going on in Norn Iron these days. Not that we’re not interested, we’re all hunkering down and watching with weary eyes. As for “most” Americans knowing where Ireland is on the globe, I reluctantly concur. As for caring about Ireland’s politics, what can one expect? But the islanders should note from whom these postings come from.

  • ch in dallas

    Thomas in Texas, Hey mah Lone Star Brotha! We’re the only 2 up I guess. I was wondering what you meant by the last line. the islanders should note from whom the postings come. Also I’ve never heard a fellow Texan correctly use “whom”! Go Longhorns!

  • Thomas from Texas (Austin)

    Whut up ch! Yep, them islanders are all asleep at the moment, so they’ll have to put-up with the “quality” of these postings from the third coast. Yeah yeah, so I went to UT also, but now I have to put up with the parking from the home games since I live practically next to the stadium. Great site about Norn Iron eh? We’ll give them a different point of view alright. Hang tough man.

  • ch in dallas

    Word ta dat Thomas, about the great site. I’m learning quite a bit, and I hope the Irish, God bless’em, learn that we’re not the walking cartoons that we’re portrayed as in their media.

  • Alan McDonald

    Yo, Texas dudes! I never heard of the third coast before, but I get it. I’m up here in western New York state, and I generally concur with your analysis (including Texan grammar).

    I was going to write a lengthy comment on the original article, which is from a small Massachusetts newspaper, but I got ticked off by the one-liners at the start of this thread. My US Congressman is Jim Walsh (R-Syracuse) who is heavily involved in Ireland. What position do your Reps take?

  • ch in dallas

    Yo You, NY in the house! Our reps down here don’t have an Irish position cuz there aren’t that many Irish. It’s the Rio Grande border where our action is.

  • Alan McDonald

    Ch (or, is it CH?),

    Illegal immigration in this part of the country (especially New England) is as likely to involve Irish people as Mexicans. Your Reps must have a position on that issue.