Northern Ireland's star rising fast

In football at any rate, rising faster up the rankings than any other team.

Thanks to back-to-back wins over Azerbaijan and England, Northern Ireland are now 101st in September’s FIFA world rankings, up a massive 15 places on a month ago.

FIFA also calls the victory over England one of the shocks of the century.

  • Tim

    If Holland are the second best team in the world (after beating Andorra and Armenia) then my arse plays the banjo.

  • iluvni

    This classic from ourweecountry really deserves a wider audience.

  • Ziznivy

    Oh da da da daaa! Remember the boys of sum-mmer are ll gone!!! Nanananananan bananaman! We beat the england we dit! we beat the ebgland we did!

  • Cahal

    Dawson, is that you?

  • Cahal

    I see your disgusting comment has been removed ziznivy.

  • Whitey

    Being ranked 101 in the world, well done lads… I believe that places us somewhere between ‘Burkina Faso’ and ‘Gabon’.

    Yeah I don’t know where they are either…

  • Ricardo

    FIFA rankings are a bit of a joke.

    USA better than Germany?

    Mexico better than Italy?

  • 6countyprod

    And what’s wrong with Burkina Faso? It’s a lovely place. Good footballers, too.

    Shock of the century, well, this century is only 5 years old, so I suppose the win does qualify.

  • David

    Congratulations to the north in their rise, but the fifa rankings are very unfair and seem to favour certain confederations especially the concacaf.

  • Antrim Springfarm

    Well done NI Bring on Wales!!!