No leadership to take Unionism towards peace?

Whatever the actual precise trigger for the rioting (as usual, there’s nothing that covers that issue convincingly) Susan McKay argues that it proves there is a deficit in leadership within Unionism, which has left certain of the unionist working class to its own ‘atavistic rage’.

  • hensons

    agree with susan on the republic needs to wake up – over the summer only ff and sf have commented on the violence. labour have had one press release in which they said the violence was wrong but the provos fault as they started it all, as for comment from FG – nothing, not a word.

  • Dessertspoon

    I don’t think there is a deficit in leadership. To me there appears to be plenty of leadership it’s just leading people the wrong way. The DUP are using their position to stoke up the flames and then walking away from the mess they create -anyone else feel a sense of deja vu??

  • The Watchman

    [Play the Ball, Watchman – ed Mod]