Widow told to get out…

FURTHER to Mick’s post about Robert McCartney’s friend Geoff Commander being badly beaten up by a gang (said to include a someone involved in McCartney’s murder) in the Short Strand, I understand that a group held a protest outside his widow’s home. They were reported to have said they will be back every day until she leaves.

The beating was reported to have followed “an altercation between a member of the McCartney family and the gang”. The Irish News reported that “unconfirmed reports of people taking part in a protest against the attackers in the Short Strand last night [Monday]”.

This was the second supporter of the campaign for justice for Robert McCartney to be beaten recently. Another man was attacked at the weekend, although loyalists were believed to be responsible.

  • Richard Dowling

    This ‘Republican’ gang is now operating in very cowardly, but
    typically abusive fashion. No wonder it has to operate under
    the cover of darkness.


    The story is a load of NONSENSE it didn’t happen!

  • smcgiff


    Which story in particular. And how can you say it didn’t happen?

    I know you live on the Short strand, but are YOU outside her home 24/7?

    What makes you think these people are not capable of carrying out such actions?


    There was a vigil in support of the people who stood out on the streets night after night during the Loyalist attempts to bombard the district! It took place on the Green not outside the home of Bridgeen, and before this goes any further let me state categorically I fully support justice for Robert McCartney’s family absolutely and unequivocally. Your right I am not outside her home 24/7 it’s a small area, very little happens without most knowing about it.

  • DaithiO

    So what is this ? Just an attempt to divert attention from what the loalists are up to or did these events really take place ?

    All too often such stories have no base in fact, everything is suggested and “sources stated” etc.

  • DaysLikeThis

    Firstly let me say that I believe your version of events above and equally I believe you when you say you support Robert McCartneys familys search for justice.
    I would like to hear your thoughts on the Geoff Commander beating. Did it happen as reported do you know?

  • Paul O

    Can we wait for confirmation of such intimidation before jumping to conclusions? I am a republican who wants to live in peace and belives everyone should have that right. I just dont want to go through the whole McCartney saga again when we were all tarnished with the same brush. I would never say that the rioters at the weekend represented unionism – a couple of thugs in the Short Strand do NOT represent us!


    Yes, as far as I am aware Geoff was totally innocent and had arrived on the scene to diffuse an earlier fight between a friend of Rab McCartney and a so Republican. The problem here is there was an awful lot of tension in the area due to the constant attacks by Loyalists, there was a lot of confusion as to what was going on and a lot of people around the st. I still don’t fully understand how or why Geoff was attacked but feel the confusion surrounding the earlier fight which was only a few minutes before the incident with Geoff took place could have been a contributing factor. Having said that it was wrong and inexcusable no two ways about it, those involved though were NOT acting as Republicans but as individuals, Republicans actually diffused the situation as far as I am aware.

  • DaysLikeThis

    A fair enough explaination. It gets more and more difficult to decipher truth from spin, speculation and heresay – of course you(Victor1) may be guilty of all 3, but I doubt it!
    The though of someone being beaten by iron bars sickens me. These sort of people have no place in any of our communities.


    The though of someone being beaten by iron bars sickens me. These sort of people have no place in any of our communities.

    I agree totally.

  • Fanny

    And they all lived happily ever after!

    (Move along now).

  • Gonzo

    VICTOR1 may be misinformed.

    According to the SDLP “a statement was read out to residents in their doorways presenting three
    demands: that Bridgeen and the children should get out, that Jeff Commander withdraw his com
    plaint to the police, and that the McCartney
    family stop what they called harassment of republicans”.

    It certainly does not appear to be the sanitised “vigil in support of the people who stood out on the streets night after night during the Loyalist attempts to bombard the district” that VICTOR1 made it out to be.


    I must be wrong then, as the SDLP should know more than I a mere resident of the district! Strange though there was no mention of such demands from any of those interviewed today, including Catherine/Paula McCartney and Geoff Commander and his wife and the SDLPs Alistor McDonnell, one would have thought if that had been in the domaine of the SDLP those at the heart of the problem would also have known, and of course intimated it in interviews, oh well one lives and learns eh?

  • Fanny

    And they all lived happily ever after!

    (Move along now).

  • MB

    In relation to the protest on the GREEN on Tuesday night where this incident took place (not outside Ms Hagans home)this was a protest against anti-social behaviour including the attacks on interface workers, the rise of under-aged drinking and drug dealing and abuse in the area. If the journalists in this wee province did a bit of research then they would have found this out.

    Also it has become the policy of many leading newspapers and the television stations to take as truth ‘ver batim’ statements from the McCartney family as fact. Community workers who are involved in interafces are never asked to respond to any allegations made by this family and on any occasion that they have been asked if it’s not in line with the McCartney version it is airbrushed.

  • Baaah


    sorry, MB, but your verison [now removed] of “truth” is hard to believe and is consistent with the ongoing coverup in which no “republican” is ever guilty of anything and all “anti-republicans” are guilty of everything.

  • MB

    You obviously weren’t present last Monday or Tuesday night in the Short Strand because I was there and know my so-called “version of truth” is actual facts. I also take it you don’t live in an interface area or else you would appreciate the free service provided by those men who are on standby most of the summer.

  • Baah

    Standby to do what? Stab people with knives and beat them with sewer rods or standby women’s windows peeping in? Maybe standby the kiddies? We should be thankful? Saving people from being being raped and murdered by anyone other than themselves, no thanks!

  • Paul Panther

    Baah, it wasn’t interface workers who murdered Rab. Those who offer the free nightly service MB talks of on both sides of the walls at Clandeboye/Cluan Place and Strand Walk/Newtownards Road do a good job under immense pressure.

    I agree with MB when he points out how you do not come from the Markets/Short Strand, don’t live near an interface and don’t have a clue about Rab’s murder or the events that have followed.

    I knew Rab from his days on the door at Duke’s Hotel. He was a good guy and the scumbags who murdered him deserve all they get, but that doesn’t include interface workers.

  • Baah

    Paul, some of those involved in the murder/cover up were involved in the trouble last week.

  • Not stupid or blind

    Where is their [McCartney family’s] condemnation of the alledged drug dealer Devine, their silence is deafening.

    Why have they never stated that their campaign is organised solely by the sdlp and the sticks!!!

    This family has been given more media play than the recent UVF murder victims, more than the Dorrian family!

    Why is it this family doesn`t hold rallies anymore.

    Could it be that everyone both Catholic and Protestant knows that they only get media airplay because, certain sections of the media and the sdlp need this to attack republicans.

    The McCartney family refuse to speak to organised groups within the Short Strand. They accuse everyone and anyone without any evidence of bias and intimadition.

    Is it any wonder Nationalists across the North have become wary of their campaign for justice.

  • Mick

    I think we are coming up against some of the limitations of blogging. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve stripped out most of the otherwise unreported accounts of recent events here. Anything that specifically names individuals and comes from an unverifiable annonymous source will almost certainly have to be stripped out.

    However, it’s not our wish to impede people in telling their version of what is clearly an emotive local story. Please make you points general on Slugger. But if you have specific details you wish to share with us, then please feel free to send it to us by email.