UDA calls for riots to end…

The UDA has made a short statement calling for the rioting to end. Which appears to leave the UVF out in the cold. Peter Hain is expected to announce their ceasefire officially ended, possibly tomorrow evening. With what consequence it is not clear.

  • Philip

    If this is true then it really will be a case of history repeating itself. The IRA, be it in whatever flavour, will have the perfect excuse to procrastinate and the DUP shall use the fear of nightmares to grow even stronger.

  • Dessertspoon


    “…to continue with total slaughter until everyone’s dead except Rev Ian Paisley, Mrs Paisley and their offspring, Junior.”

    (With apologies to Edmund Blackadder.)

  • Dick Doggins

    Fair play to the boys, all this violence is bad for business. How can people travel to UDA drug dens for their daily fix, if all the roads are blocked!!!!!


    Did they not also call an end to all military operations a while back, that didn’t last long nor will this.

  • reality check

    Consequences?what consequences?Look at the behaviour of the uvf in recent months and you’ll quickly realise they were never on ceasefire

  • El Matador @ El Blogador

    About time. Pity they let their thugs destroy parts of the city and cause gridlock for commuters.

    Hain should’ve listened to the SDLP last week telling him that the UVF ceasefire was over. He had to wait for Belfast to be brought to its knees before he would accept it.

  • Pat, Ardoyne

    Obviously the North Belfast UDA unilaterally calling for this is a sign that Andre Shoukri’s mob are low on funds or someone has asked for money to support the new loyalist prisoners arrested over the last 3 days, either way this would interferring with Andre’s gambling money. I guess the Unionist people “protection payments” will be going up?


    Compare and contrast how a call for and end to violence is treated when the UDA do it, as opposed to the IRA.

    And I bet if the IRA calls for a cessation had recieved a tenth of the negativity we see here, all the usual suspects is slugger would be gurning with much enthusiasm.

  • bob

    negativity because its bullsh*t

    The haven’t been able to sell an e tab or block of blow for the last three days, its bad for business

  • SlugFest

    I’m back in NY … what’s going on tonight? UTV is reporting of various ‘protests’ throughout the city … are they ‘peaceful’ or are the lunatics burning their own neighborhoods again?

  • Comrade Stalin

    The UDA : “We are absolutely disgusted at the entirely justified violence we orchestrated over the weekend. We are outraged that we were allowed to destroy our communities. We must continue this no longer. “

  • Comrade Stalin


    At around 7pm, there were crowds gathering around Carlisle Circus/Clifton Street when I was there (more nationalist youths from the New Lodge and Unity than there were loyalists from the Shankill), but North Queen Street seemed quiet. Sandy Row was quiet too.

  • SlugFest

    Thanks for the update, Comrade.

    And I hope for your sake — as well as everyone else’s — that Belfast will soon return to, um, normal.

  • bertie

    Why would anybody beleive anything a UDA statement said anyway?

  • Comrade Stalin

    bertie, yes, I always have a laugh at their stuff. I think they honestly believe the general public are stupid enough to believe them because they style themselves as an army.

  • bertie


    I would say that they have a true and devout belief in there own hype and importance. It is a devotion that many’s the churchman would give his cassock to inculcate in their flock.

  • bertie


    “his flock” I think. I was off with tummy ache on the day we did grammar!

  • SMcB

    Is it not clear that the paramilitaries have worked through the protestant political leaders and instilled fear of a united ireland in order to incite riots? The people on the ground buy into this, but I think that this is a cover for the UDA/UVF to show their force to the police and create no-go areas so that they may finalize their fued and gain more drug turf. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that this comes on the heels of the Love Ulster campaign. Am I going wrong here?

  • Comrade Stalin

    SMcB, the fear of being sold down the river to reunification has been pushed on the unionist working class since day one. In reality, the concessions that republicans have received have been fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things.

    They just need to deal with the fact that a huge number of people here have an Irish identity, and that at least needs to be tolerated if not catered for by the state. Even private organizations are aware of this, which is why UTV (private broadcaster) carries GAA coverage.

  • mr nice

    Anybody else think the period of civil unrest was a good time to import and distribute some new ‘produce’?

    Now it may be time to capitalise on the new stock.