Out of New Orleans to… Windsor Park!

If you can face nothing else on Slugger this week, read this.

  • bertie

    I found that very moving. On the face of it it seems very strange that the win could be equal and opposite to what else was going on in his life. But i expect that it was more complex than that. Already heightened emotions the need to find some emotional release and a hundred and one other things mixed into the pot. As i said I will admit to being touched by that account and I hope that he can tap into that feeling for a while as he deals with his situation.

  • frank

    great piece. similar to my experience in Vancouver – without the evacuation of course!

  • exBangorBoy

    Great piece.

    Different sport, different city, but I had a similar experience watching the Ireland-England rugby match this past winter.

    There are only 2 bars in all of Toronto (population 2.5 million) that show the Six Nations. I arrived an hour early, but it was sold out an hour before I got there. So I stood outside the pub on a cold Toronto February morning and watched the game through the windows. Just me, a guy from Belfast and a bunch of Englishmen. We all nearly froze our butts off, but the 2 Ulsterman went home cold but happy. Can’t say the same for the others.

  • Katie

    Great writing. And I am glad for the victory for all y’all, but especially for the Author. He really needed it I think.

    That piece made my day. (Except the part about the pub not waiving the cover, grrrr.)