Policing plan confirmed…

AS predicted on Slugger, the Government has said it is to introduce “community support officers” to Northern Ireland, and has ruled out people with terrorist convictions joining the police. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Sinn Fein reacts to them, and how its position evolves. Are locally-recruited community police units the vehicles that will eventually take republicans into policing?

  • Whatabout

    Yes. It’ll allow ubiquitous community representatives to be involved in policing, and yet not be involved in the Realpolice.

  • David Vance


    And also as predicted on ATW!

    It’s the latest scam. Get the gangsters into the police and hey presto – no more gangsters. It’s the infantilism of the Belfast Agreement writ large, it’s the desecration of law and order, and above all, it’s one more step towards institutionalising terrorism. Another disgusting betrayal of law abiding people by this most immoral Government.