about that [non-existent] cease-fire…

While the Secretary of State, for Northern Ireland [and Wales], Peter Hain dithers.. the attempted murders continue.

  • fair_deal

    Hain’s decision-making is becoming plain unbelieveable from the decision to release Sean Kelly (and withhold the evidence to the Review Board) to inaction on the loyalist feud and murders.

  • sandy

    What has sean kelly to do within widespread unionist violence

  • lib2016

    On the contrary it’s becoming very plain that there are moves afoot behind the scenes, just as has been going on for years.

    Last year the hardliners in the UDA were sorted out, in some cases by stooges operated by their handlers semi-publicly, as in the Lower Shankill. The UVF/LVF are now being sorted out in the same way.

    The crunch is going to come after Christmas when our masters start to put real pressure on the various factions of political unionism.

  • fair_deal


    Both are examples of a government willing to look the other way to ciminal and terrorist activity.

  • bertie


    ceasefire is dealt with under the new flexible definition rules. The term ceasefire is defined such that the current circumstances, regardless of how much murder thuggery and intimidation is going on, are deamed to satisfy it.

  • Foggy

    The more I read and watch the Northern Irish news these days the more I despair.

    I was having dinner with my Step-Mother tonight, who brought up three children in the Bogside during the 1980’s, and she informed that she would “hate to be rearing children in this day’n’age, especially in this country”. And I would tend to agree with her.

    No-one can depend on the PSNI, the Political party’s (irrespective of which side they represent) or community leaders.

    What other alternatives are there left for thoses of us, 20-somethings in particular, who just want to live in a society free from all this bullshit?

    It seems to be getting steadliy worse before it’s getting better. And as a result, I don’t see my long term future based here at all. And let me tell you, I’m not alone in thinking this.

  • irish

    It seems the pro-unionist moderators on this site are attempting to censor debate on the on-going loyalist campaign of intimidation in Belfast.

    Therefore I am compelled to post on a variety of threads until this is resolved.

    Yesterday I stated that Paisley’s call to arms threat would be answered by loyalist paramilitaries. Overnight, a young catholic man has been hospitalised after loyalist thugs from East Belfast knifed him for being a catholic from the Short Strand.

    The Unionist political leadership must be held responsible for inciting this behaviour- both Empey and Paisley- due to their disgraceful behaviour in the past week. The Orange Order have once again revealed themselves to be utterly inseparable from the UDA and UVF.

    Mick, surely a thread on this topic is more worthy than some of the rubbish you, Pete and Stephen Alaexander have put up in the past 48 hours.

  • ben

    Catholic homes have come under sustained attack in the Short Strand within the last half hour.

    Windows in some homes have been smashed and 2 people taken to hospital with shock.

    Rioting is taking place at the bottom of Woodstock link and at the bottom of the ravenhill road.

  • barnshee

    all so sadly predictable