Media winners and losers…

The Press Gazette lauds the success of the Newsletter’s rise in circulation, which editor Austin Hunter puts down to a re-discovery of its political roots. Also it records a fall in the Irish News readership from ‘a steady 50,000 sale to a 3.6 per cent drop at 48,276’. That will no doubt provide some limited satisfaction on the part of Daily Ireland where most of those readers must have gone. But at 10,467 it faces a long haul before its formula for a new Republican voice in the media is finally commercially proven.

  • slug

    The key point is that it is pretty amazing that the Newsletter increased its circulation as the Belfast Telegraph went to a morning edition. It must be that the Morning Telegraph tool sales from the Evening version rather than the NL.

  • CyberScribe

    If the Portadown News had been a daily ……. 🙂

  • johnnyboy

    Do the figures include the free papers which are distributed