Rapping home the boys from Colombia

Langerland with the rap version of the return of the Colombia Three. The best is at the end: To commemorate the deal, Mr Adams gave his annual Wolfe Tone oration in Gaelic, English and Jive. The Colombia 3’s eagerly awaited debut single, produced by Eminem and Dr Dre, is due out in Autumn. Entitled ‘The Real Sinn Fein-y’, it pays homage to Eminem with its catchy chorus: “Will the Real IRA please stand down, please stand down, please stand down…”

  • Angel

    Bring on the bling,bling.

    I’ve seen Eminem’s music video… and I can’t quit laughing, thanks for the visual.

    What’s next? Sinnifizzel Feinivizzle.

    Can I get a woop, woop.

  • Henry94

    Can we spare a thought for the Gardai who are flying all the way to Colombia in order to satisfy Michael McDowell’s political agenda. Not being from the rap generation I can only ofer this from Jim Morrison.

    bogata bogata bogata bogata bogata bogata bogata

    This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, my only friend
    The end

    It hurts to set you free
    But you’ll never follow me

    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die

    This is the end

  • circles

    meet me at the back of the…. green bus Henry.