Corrosive corruption

The committee appointed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to investigate the UN’s “Oil for Food” programme, and the role of Kofi Annan’s son Kojo, is released today, the preface to the report has already been released.. According to The Guardian, the report found “serious instances of illicit, unethical and corrupt behaviour within the United Nations”. You can read the preface to the report here[pdf file]. Kofi Annan last night, in perhaps the understatement of the day, said “I suspect that there will be lots of criticism for myself as chief admin officer”. Update The full report, when issued, should be is available here

The preface has this to say –

The Organization requires stronger executive leadership, thorough-going administrative reform and more reliable controls and auditing

and ends by pointing out

What is important – what has been recognised by investigation after investigation – is that real change takes place, and change over a wide area.

Kofi Annan’s expressions of regret may not be enough.