Putnam in his own words…

One of the better features of RTE’s Morning Ireland (though it depends on the subject matter) is the length of time they give a subject to talk. It provides a more discursive interview than its UK counterpart the (often time strapped) Today programme. This morning they took advantage of Robert Putnam’s visit and spoke to him on his mobile as he was returning to the US on his theories of social capital (sound file).

  • Henry94

    I thought the interviewer did very well and I’m not usually a fan of MI. He let Putnam talk but pressed him for specifics. It became very obvious that the policies persued by Bertie Ahern are the exact opposite of those advised by Putnam.

    What is clear is that Putnam is not hear to be taken seriously but rather to give the misleading impression that his ideas are taken seriously by Bertie the Socialist. They clearly are not.

  • Mick

    Henry, that’s certainly the argument that Robin Wilson has articulated. But is socialism (or social democracy) the only vehicle for the kind of civil re-engagement espoused by Putnam?