Geldof gets freedom of Dublin…

Dublin City Council has finally decided to give Bob Geldof freedom of the city – ie to graze his 17 Kentish sheep (or is that ‘sheep of Kent’?) on Stephen’s Green. He first heard about it when Ryan Tubridy’s researcher texted him this morning. Still, he gave a marvellous impromptu interview on how Dublin has changed from the mean streets of his youth. His one liner on the US government response to the New Orleans disaster: ‘sheer muscle bound incompetence‘.

UI has more details on the long awaited decision.

  • peteb

    Yeah.. as George Monbiot says in today’s Guardian, “To the corporate press, and therefore to most of the public, he is a saint.”.. for the politicians hoping to see their own images reflected in that wide-eyed media gaze..

  • smcgiff

    ‘This is to announce that his optimism was misplaced, that the mission was not accomplished, that the struggle for justice is as urgent as ever.’

    Every time I’ve heard him in interview, this is exactly the view he takes.

  • peteb

    *shakes head*

    I knew I shouldn’t have isolated a quote from the article.. read the whole thing to get a better idea of what Monbiot is saying.

  • George

    Even the esteemed Blackrock College eventually put Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof’s picture up on the wall along with the past Irish presidents.

    They disowned him first as a problem child while rumour has it pianist Fingers was slung out for wearing the PJs and coming back wearing another pair when he was told to go home and change them.

    Greatest Rats Song?


    Dunlaoghaire! Dunlaoghaire!

    B-Side of Like Clockwork.

    Would rather see that other local hero Sinead O’Connor get the freedom myself.

    But then again this is a city which mulled over whether to give the honour to Nelson Mandela or Jack Charlton and solved the “problem by giving it to both.

  • Elvis Parker

    Only one problem with Sinead George – shes barking mad

  • Mickhall

    Only one problem with Sinead George – shes barking mad

    Posted by: Elvis Parker at September 6,


    and Geldof is not, remind me of his childrens names again?


    Thanks for the headsup on the George Monbiot piece, so true. [imo]

  • spirit-level

    Got the last train back from london to canterbury, about 20yrs ago.. bugger.. it stopped at faversham, and no connections.. so had to find a place to get my head down for the night.. headed up to the priory ( Bob’s wee estate ) and crashed out in his garden hammock.. was a smooth sleep.. awoken by his herd of sheep/goats at 6am.. yep …time to scarper.
    And for the budding astrologer’s amongst you, Bob has ascendant capricorn, maybe explains the goats.. or I’m off my rocker 🙂

  • Jimmy_Sands

    So Geldof is the man who “betrayed the poor”. How perceptive of Monbiot to identify the cause of their suffering. A moment’s reflection would reveal a fundamental logical flaw in his argument. The information in his article is not suppressed, he simply believes, no doubt correctly, that it would be more effective coming from Geldof than from him. He may want to consider why that is.

  • Mickhall

    On the G8 summit I feel Bono and Geldof played a dreadful role. Interest was raised during this period about the poverty that is inflicted upon Africa, sure the two of them can take some credit for this. But hard questions needed to be asked of the g8 leaders and especially Blair and Bush. Instead Bono and Geldof bowled soft balls under arm. If that was all we could perhaps forgive them, but as the week went on they became cheer leaders for the very people who were responsible for much of Africa’s sorry plight. As the man wrote in his article they totally identified with the g8 leaders instead of the people of Africa. All so very predictable.

    As to Dublin offering the freedom of the city to Geldof, all part of the Fame game I suppose, are there really so few worthy people that they have to search the depths of show biz and the charity industry.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “If that was all we could perhaps forgive them”

    Who’s “we”?

  • Mickhall

    Who’s “we”?

    Posted by: Jimmy_Sands

    Who-ever was the last to go I suppose Jimmy. Sounds like you might have a potty fixation developing. Don’t forget to pull the chain.


  • kevser

    In fairness to Sinead:
    I guess they were calling her mad when she was saying the church was corrupt from head to toe, before the scandals broke.

    Geldof? Up to his neck in corporate relationships and partnerships with Blairs crowd.

    G8? Insufferable disgusting patronising patriarcal duplicitous nonsense.
    And rubbish too.