Slugger comes in behind Belfast Telegraph

The Belfast Telegraph has disclosed the page impression rate for their website. Over the last year it averaged at 5.5 million per month. Whilst that’s a good five million ahead of Slugger, our own monthly average is 1/2 million (it peaked at 710,000 in May). So, all told, we’re not doing bad for a humble weblog. Now where did I put that advertiser’s rate card?

  • peteb

    The more important figure.. unique users of the Belfast Telegraph site – over 350,000.

    I think we’re supposed to assume that as a per month figure although it isn’t specified exactly.

    Slugger comparison?

  • Mick

    I couldn’t resist it Pete. We’re outgunned by a factor of just over ten on that one. Still, 32,000 isn’t bad for a zero marketing budget. The peak for this figure was in March (I’d guess St Patrick’s Day and the particular lead up to it this year) at just under 40,000.

  • peteb

    It isn’t bad at all, Mick.. and it is still comparable..

    350,000 unique users producing 5.5million page impressions for the Belfast Telegraph..

    32,000 unique users producing 500,000 page impressions for Slugger.

    Not bad at all.

  • Sharon

    OH just typical of ‘boys with their toys’ …

    ….well my ‘blog’ has just gone over the 50,000 ‘hits’ mark .

    Take that , , Slugger …

    Sharon .

  • mickhall

    To Mick and his gang.

    I think 30 to 40 thousand is incredible, well done, ever upwards and onwards, I feel the site is just fine, it is almost unique as one can find all shades of the norths political spectrum here and bar the odd fellow 😉 the debate is conducted in a civilized manner..

    cheers you guys

  • Denny Boy

    I second Mickhall’s comments. The blog is a credit to Mick and the others. Who’d have believed that discussions about NI could be conducted in such a civilized way?

    Well, most of the time :0)

    BTW Great design work too. Tasteful and practical.

  • Kevin

    Sharon, I’ll take your figure and humble you – 250 uniques a month! Suckers.

  • Sharon

    Dammit it , Kevin –

    I had Slugger ‘on the ropes’ untill you jumped in to save his ‘click-less’ skin ….

    – the only way I can save face now is to turn off my stats-counter . And bluff … 😉


  • El Matador

    Mick- congrats on the stats. An excellent result.

    BTW- when you use sitemeter, do you have the free option running on Slugger? I know you can use it to see the number of visitors per week/ per day, etc. but does it also list the number of unique visitors?

  • Mick

    El Mat,

    I use the stats package that the hosting company gave us. It gives a more detailed breakdown of stats than sitemeter.