Promising ABC figures for NI…

Austin Hunter can certainly give himself a pat on the back if the latest ABC figures are anything to go by. From languishing in the doldrums less than two years ago, the News Letter has put on growth of 1.9%. Ed Curran at the Belfast Telegraph 1.8% growth overall and 2.2% Monday to Friday. Despite the campaign of some Loyalist paramilitaries, the Sunday World put on a whopping 7.5% to their NI readership figures, whilst remaining flat in the Republic.

The Sunday Tribune appears to be the biggest loser, with an 18% drop in island sales over the year, although that slowed dramatically to 11% in the last six months.

I’ve not yet been able to trace the figures for the controversial race for readers between Daily Ireland and the Irish News.

  • slug

    I got these figures from their website but it doesnt say whether these are the new figures or not. I have included a couple of local ones for comparasons. (Monday-Sat averages where dailies).

    94,095 BT
    84,082 Sunday Life
    83,544 Derry Journal
    66,963 Sunday World
    48,405 Irish News
    29,103 Newsletter
    11,420 Larne Times
    10,467 Daily Ireland

  • Fanny

    That’s wierd – the Irish News circulation has actually climbed since the launch of Daily Ireland.

  • slug

    OK I have now checked the dates for these figues I posted. They are are:

    Jan-May 2005 Daily Ireland
    Jan-July 2005 all other titles

    For some reason the figures (on the ABC site) for Daily Ireland are for a shorter and earlier period, ending in May.

  • Christopher Stalford

    How many people are reading The County Down Spectator?

  • slug


    How many people are reading The County Down Spectator?

    Answer: 11,671*

    (This figure is the average for the year 2004, the most recent data given on the ABC site. You can look these up yourself – go to “Paid Regional Newspapers” then choose “Northern Ireland” from the menu).

  • Christopher Stalford



  • Foggy

    I have a feeling that the reason why the Derry Journal has such high circulation figures is because people enjoy spotting the enormous volume of spelling mistakes and bad grammar! 😉

    And before all you pseudo republicans get on your high horse, I’m from Derry myself and thus enjoy at a good chuckle at the rag (for all the wrong reasons)!

  • Foggy

    “and thus enjoy at a good chuckle at the rag”

    And myself, as you can see! *foiled again Foggy!*

  • mickhall

    Sunday World figures are good news, it shows the UDA thuggery [boycott] has had the reverse effect.

    regards to all

  • JD


    Why would ‘pseudo-republicans’ be complaining about your comments about the Derry Journal? unless of course you are referring to the SDLP, as the Journal has been more or less a SDLP party newsheet for decades.

  • Gonzo

    This appeared in the Tele today, which might be of interest.

  • Keith M

    mickhall “Sunday World figures are good news, it shows the UDA thuggery [boycott] has had the reverse effect.”

    I’m afraid not it just shows a growing intests in t+a and “celebrity” gossip. The circulation figures for the SW are also up in this this country.

  • silver

    The Sunday World has every right to be sold in shops.

    The worrying thing is that people actually buy it

    Its probably indicitive of our society that people want to read about the sordid sex exploits of some nobody or want to trawl through the sex adverts on the back pages.

    Surely any responsible adult would not bring such filth into their home.

    Do females buy this paper

  • slug

    Latest ABC figures are just out for Daily Ireland, their circulation falls to 10,017, including an increased number of free distribution copies.

  • rob

    Got to agree with Silver on this one.

    Its the 21st century and we have a paper which devotes 2 pages too sex adverts.

    With an ever increasing number of attacks and rapes within this society, should people be supporting a rag which uses women as a tool to make money.

    I suppose tomorrows headlines will be all about Jim Gray’s gay sex exploits.

    Get a life not a rag.

  • Even worse

    Interesting for Daily Ireland actively purchased figures are even lower at 8,762. Ouch!