Magennis's up for sale…

Magennis’s Bar, the scene of an altercation which ended in the murder of Robert McCartney on the street outside, has been put on the market by its owner.

  • slug

    “McCartney’s sister Catherine said that the sale would not affect the campaign, adding that they were frustrated at the slow pace of the investigation into the murder.”

    I very much hope they catch the perpetrators.

  • levee

    Sad to say Slug, it looks like the whole thing has been swept under the diplomatic carpet, and the powerful friends that the McCartney sisters had at the start are trickling away.

    The unfortunate reality is that they may never see justice for their brother, like so many families before them.

    The difference is that their courage in tackling Sinn Fein and the IRA may have contributed toward the standing down statement. It’s just a shame that they will never see justice – I only hope they don’t decide to persue this down the route of a futile ‘inquiry’.

  • slug

    The McCartney sisters must keep the pressure up.

  • levee

    Won’t work, Slug – the media has moved on.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Perhaps following the preservation for the nation of 16 Moore St. a bid could be put in for a building representing no less a landmark in the development of physical force nationalism.

  • Macswiney

    The McCartneys never had any ‘powerful friends’. Rather they ‘had’ people who used them for political expediency at that time. ie British government, Irish Government, SDLP, the mass media (particularly Mark Simpson of the BBC whose ‘best mates’ style with the family was not only nauseating but also blew objective journalism into orbit.

    The end of the McCartneys campaign came when they started to respond to media baiting and launch attacks on the broader Republican movement. The attendance of 1000 at their first rally reduced to just 400 at their second and their “powerful friends” were’nt long in disappearing once they had their soundbites etc…

  • J Kelly

    Won’t work, Slug – the media has moved on.

    I would suggest that more than the media have moved on. It would be interesting to know when was the last time, Anthony McIntyre, Tim Attwood or the many advisers and supporters they had before 5th of May, were in contact with this family. This family was used a an election battering ram to hammer Sinn Fein. It didn’t work and they have been dropped.

  • Richard


    You left out one important group from the list of people who used the McCartney’s for their own political ends – Sinn Fein. Remember the Ard Fheis?

  • Macswiney

    J Kelly,

    It used to be fun passing the back door of the McCartneys house each morning to see who was around. Apart from Mark Simpson the guy I witnessed the most was none other than Jim McDowell, editor of The Sunday World. From that point on the game was up for them I’m afraid…

  • Henry94

    What’s the asking price?

  • Mick Fealty

    Surely the campaign can only be deemed successful or unsuccessful by the outcome of any future trial, and a full recovery (or burial) of the truth of what happened that night?

  • Fishfiss

    Maybe the Sticks will buy it back again.

  • Christopher Stalford



  • P Ring

    Dandyman, the city is full of premises which have tragic histories.The one that springs to mind personally was the much-loved bar of the old York Hotel in Botanic Avenue. Several assassinations and attempted assassinations did put one off but not as much as the over-wrought ‘trendy’ revamp that came after (now called Manhattan’s I think).

    A lick of paint and a new name and McGennis’s Whiskey Bar is history. Hopefully Robert McCartney’s name and his sisters’ quest for justice will stay around for sufficiently longer.