Belfast's heart of cultural diversity?

Not every part of Northern Ireland is divided and contentious territory. Noreen Erskine examines the rising cultural diversity on display in St George’s Market in Belfast.

  • Macswiney

    The Market is the true heart of this city. I go there every Friday morning and also on the ocacsional Saturday (now vastly improved). I would recommend all of you to have a meander around. It is perhaps what the city should strive to be like in all of its various facets. Wishful thinking I suppose…

  • slug

    You are lucky it wasn’t redeveloped. In Ballymena there was a great market (FairHill) which was in the heart of the town but in 1990 it was bulldozed to be replaced by an M&S, BHS, etc. Shame.

    (Although the market lives on in a less central position.)

  • DOracle

    The bit about the long-distance vacuum cleaner spare part buyers is a revelation; the mind boggles!

  • Alan

    Yes, it’s a bit of nostalgia for me – particularly the bric a brac stalls. Memories of the Old Smithfield. And I mean the old Smithfield, not the modern abhomination or the one before that.

    St George’s seems to be the only place in Belfast that you can buy real fish, including live crabs these days. Some of the fishmongers could organise exhibitions on how to cook the fish. The number of times I have been asked – *How would you ever cook that, love.*

    Some live entertainment would be good, as would improving the available catering. There’s nothing worse than the smell of onions spluttering in rancid fat. Then again . . .