Survey of Mass-goers

The University of Ulster is undertaking an independent survey of mass-goers at St. Eugene’s Parish in Londonderry to find how they think money should be raised for the controversial Stewardship Trust Fund.

The fund, set up by Irish Bishops, helps compensate victims of abuse by Catholic Priests and to fund child protection initiatives.

Fr Michael Canny said he was “prepared to adide” by the findings of the survey.

  • foggey

    As a member of that very parish the money should come straight from the bank vaults of the Vatican and not from the Parishioners of St Eugene’s. I feel that Bishop Hegarty has displayed nothing but absolute arrogance and contempt in regards to this issue, particularly in assuming that his “flock” will abide by any decision he comes to to “and be happy with it”. [Ball not man – Mod.] Severe delusions of grandeur that have cost his parish and the church dearly over the years.

    Sexual abuse by the clergy is not an issue that should be hushed-hushed away with parishioner’s money, but brought out into the open via the Courts and treated like the criminal act that it is.

  • ballymenarc

    Definitely can’t make it up with parishioners money. How about the offenders do a sponsored crawl through molten coal and broken glass?

  • Jo

    Not sure about the financial workings of the Catholic Church – can there be a direct funds transfer from the Vatican bank to Derry/Belfast?

    Sounds a bit like the shenanigans in Godfather 3!

    What was the financial arrangement like in the USA cases?