Complementary media

In today’s Irish Examiner’s Ronan Mullen has spotted Slugger friend Sheila’s blog and, in particular, a great post on the changing face of Dublin, and Ireland – Road Works Ahead – from where he goes on to discuss Rip Off Ireland. There’s a slight breach of etiquette however – he neglects to provide a link to the post, or blog, he’s referring to. Ah well, at least it’s an acknowledgement that blogs and the wider media can complement each other and refer back to each other, as Sheila does today – with a link. And the uncool bar he avoids naming? The Ice Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin.

  • genevieve

    It is rude not to link to her blog though. And they can’t spell Sheila either.

  • peteb

    Wow.. I hadn’t noticed that, genevieve.. my auto-correct must have been set at default. 🙂

  • United Irelander

    Ronan Mullen’s one of my favourite journalists. I have praised him on my blog many times.

    I would love to get a mention from him. Some bloggers just get all the luck.:)