YR Sauce coming back to a store near you, soon!

Well, it’s good news from Chivers Managing Director Liam O’Rourke, who’s written to Slugger explaining the current hiatus in the ‘food chain’ in Northern Ireland. Pending a new distribution deal covering NI and Britain, you should be able to ask your local shop to order it!

From Liam O’Rourke

The situation re YR is that we have the product in wide distribution here in ROI it is listed in every major store and most minor stores also. We purchased YR from Unilever in 2002 as part of Gooodalls.

We have been seeking a good reliable Distributor for the Brand in the UK and NI so far without success,though we believe we are close !! It is a brand we believe in and one which we would like to “fire up”. We will do this when we get a strong distribution position in NI and UK. At present we support the brand in the Republic with promotional activity and it is as popular as ever here.

Rumours of its death are greatly exaggerated in the case of ROI. I accept that it is difficult to get north of the border and impossible to get in GB.

It is available as you know through Sawyers but also if you and others were to ask your local stores whoever they may be to stock it and contact us we will make every effort to supply as quickly as possible.

I believe that occasionally through such requests by consumers it is stocked by Musgrave SuperValu stores in NI.