You couldn’t make it up. So why would APNI?

Alliance Cllr Maire Hendron claimed Sinn Féin lied about trouble in East Belfast on Monday. UUP MLA Michael Copeland has confirmed the Sinn Féin report saying they met that night to defuse tensions.

Maybe Cllr Hendron was tucked up in bed?

  • Macswiney

    This is typical of Marie Hendron and The Alliance Party. The only time we ever see them in this area is coming up to election time when they send a few goons around to put flyers through letterboxes. Alliance are simply another Unionist party and they are never done crawling to local Unionists in the hope of getting enough low preferences to keep SF out of a council seat in Pottinger Ward. Well done Michael Copeland for putting aside the usual differences to put her in her place. I wonder if Alliance’s Press Office sanctioned this piece of mythology…?

  • levee

    Oh dear. What a cock-up! Talk about choosing your enemies wisely….

  • IJP

    Long time away but worth coming in on this one…

    I was in the area today and again what was made out to be a massive Short Strand/Cluan Place collapse into civic disorder on Monday was nothing of the kind according to the people who would know – i.e. the ones who live there.

    People in the area are fed up with it being used as some kind of political football. Alliance isn’t the only group in the area that wants to see most people’s desire to get on in peace promoted, rather than minor disputes being made into major disturbances for political gain.

  • crat


    So you have confirmed that Cllr Hendron was wrong, as Copeland has already done.

    That there was trouble.

    It was lessened by Sinn Féin and the UUP helping diffuse tension.

    That Cllr Hendron played no part in resolving the problems preferring to deny any existed.

    Seems some worked effectively on the ground, while some (APNI) stayed at home and issued erroneous press releases.

  • IJP

    Quite the contrary, I confirmed that no one is the area has the faintest what was supposed to have happened/been about to happen on *Monday*.

    The trouble people knew about was on *Saturday*, as the press release indicates.

    I had lunch with an Ulster Unionist on Monday, maybe I should start claiming that helped ‘diffuse tensions’ in the Malone/Lisburn Road area?!

  • Macswiney

    IJP –

    Please quote your source for the comment “what was made out to be a massive Short Strand/Cluan Place collapse into civic order on Monday”? This is absolute and utter gibberish!

    The majority of news outlets reported that there had been a minor stand-off involving about 50 people and that it was succesfully diffused by community representatives on both sides (as confirmed by both Michael Copeland and Deborah Devenney).

    Talk about sensationalism!! To say the APNI is not suited to grass roots politics is an understatement. I’d stick to the party lunches if I were you…

  • Comrade Stalin

    Macswiney, who were these “community representatives” and what precisely did they do to “diffuse tension” ?

    What did Copeland (isn’t that the guy whose office was raided a few months ago?) do precisely that made the problem go away ?

  • Macswiney

    Comrade Stalin,

    A strange comment as there appears to be little point in having a go at ANYBODY who succesfully diffuses situations and prevents violence. There are ongoing meetings between community groups in that area. In situations like this, there are usually representatives of the PUP and SF involved. The NIO have liaison officers for each interface area who also try to co-ordinate contact when there are outbreaks of trouble. Now do you have a problem with all of these people or just some…? I reckon I know whats coming…

  • bertie

    If I was being threatened by the IRA/UVF etc in an area under their thrall, I’d be so reassured that the NIO and all shades of politician liaising with them – NOT!

  • Macswiney

    Hang on Bertie.

    That one is a bit cryptic(to say the least) actually. Are you saying that if you lived in an area like that and violence was occurring (for whatever reason)with your home being attacked, that you wouldnt want politicians or the NIO to intervene and help to resolve it?

    Clearly you are lucky enough to live somewhere free from these horrors and have the luxury to adopt a position which in the REAL world is nothing short of ludicrous.