What's happened to Goodalls YR sauce?

I spent some of last week scouring supermarkets and convenience stores for a couple of bottles of Goodalls good ole Yorkshire Relish and a few more of the YR sauce. None of the outlets I tried in Belfast from M&S to Curley’s had it. What’s the story?

  • Westchick

    There was only one distributor of Yorkshire Relish for the whole of Ireland and they went out of business earlier this year and since then the relish has been next to impossible to find. So annoying, can’t enjoy my mum’s homemade veg soup any more!!

  • martin

    It was a damn nice sause

  • jone

    I think Sawers round on Fountain Street might have some. Or you could try this similar, equally fine condiment http://www.hendersonsrelish.com/

  • Mick

    Thanks Jone,

    That’ll be Sawers, Unit 7 Fountain Centre, Belfast, Tel 028 90322021 for anyone else as bereft as myself without it!

    Can’t believe it. Years ago I scoured the streets of West Yorks searching in vain for any brand of Yorkshire Relish. Now it has come down to identifying single shops in Ireland – one of the last world refuges of a damned fine sauce!

    Does anywhere else in the south still stock them?

  • Piggy Ring

    ‘There was only one distributor of Yorkshire Relish for the whole of Ireland and they went out of business earlier this year’

    So the ‘Ra were suppying the country with Yorkshire Relish as well as whatever else? (Scotch eggs? pork scratchings?Eccles cakes?)
    And is it true that they were operating in both directions, sending supplies of Jacobs Fig Rolls and proper Tandragee Tayto cheese and onion to the still unsated Irish diaspora.
    I knew all this peace and harmony lark was for ending in grief.

  • glensman

    i work in a small centra in galway city, and its stocked there, but that was the first i’d ever noticed the stuff… although it was nice on my fry yesterday

  • Speaker

    I used to trek several miles to an Irish butcher’s shop in Withington in Manchester to get it. Haven’t seen it for years in NI. Will try Sawyer’s today.

    It’s available on this ex-pat food website – http://www.abitofhome.ca/page/C1/PROD/30109-02 – at a hefty $7 a bottle.

    Undoubtedly the best brown sauce ever.

  • Leslie

    Unilever have sold this brand to Chivers Ireland. Contact Chivers to enquire what plans they have to revive this remarkable sauce!

  • YR sampler

    For Yorkshire Relish, thick and thin sauces, contact, Messrs Goodalls, Coolock Drive,Dublin 5,

  • YR sampler

    Telephone Number for Messrs Goodalls, manufacturers fo Yorkshire Relish sauces,
    Republic of Ireland 018484044
    FAX Number 018484053

  • peteb
  • GurnyGub

    Glad yous’re all sorted for YR. But Speaker, best brown sauce ever? This has to go to Chef sauce, but where can I find it? And which one would be the ‘foreign’ sauce?