One to watch…

THE final of the Northern Ireland Trophy – the first major (if non-ranking) tournament here for 18 years is just starting on Eurosport. It was certainly a memorable tournament for world amateur champion, 19-year-old Mark Allen from Antrim, who IIRC won his first seven frames as a professional last week, defeating two former world champions, John Higgins and Steve Davis, who he whitewashed. Pity BBC NI or UTV didn’t see the potential in televising a local rising star in his first pro tournament…

  • iluvni

    Truly pathetic coverage, as always, of local sport from the two main channels….they did, of course, find time to send reporters to Glasgow to cover the build up to the first Auld Bigots clash of the season.

  • looking in

    ehh… said it all “non-ranking” means it is worth chuff all – so whay waste time/money covering it.

    To be honest I’m astonished at the amount of truely MINOR and amateurish sport that is covered here – schools rugby for starters – just don’t me started…! Don’t suppose it would have anything to do with grammar school old boys making the scehdules….?

  • lib2016

    It was also on TG 4. Lot’s of little surprises there. Wimbledon was on it, for example.

  • smcgiff

    Yip, saw it on TG4 also, it still attracted some big names.

  • stevy ‘wonder’

    Hi! i know this is mainlt about snooker but was just wondering has anyone out there any tickets for the NORTHERN IRELAND v ENGLAND game at windsor park, spare or that they are selling please contact me on 07887764453. or if they know where i could get them (cause i really want them!)


  • Gonzo

    If David James is in nets, I might try and buy/blag one meself.