Terry is 'fed up'

PSNI Supt Terry Shevlin is ‘fed up’ and worried over the sectarian attacks in Ahoghill, though sectarianism has been disputed previously by senior PSNI officers. ‘Fed up‘ at criticism over distributing fire blankets instead of arresting and worried the unsuccessful allocation of officers may affect crime statistics elsewhere in Ballymena. (think of the shopkeepers and takings?)

  • levee

    I know this might sound radical, but why not gather some evidence, make some arrests and take the perpetrators off the streets of Ahoghill?

    Then, saunter back over to Ballymena, gather some evidence, make some arrests and take drug dealers and theives off the streets of Ballymena.

    Then come back here to Slugger and thank Acting Chief Constable Levee!

  • beano

    Mr Shevlin said officers had been placed on duty in Ahoghill every night for the past week and that he had taken part himself in the special patrols which continued into the early hours.

    In addition to helicopter coverage, the latest technological equipment including cameras had been deployed to the village. Mr Shevlin said, however, that such equipment had “not been totally productive” due to the random nature of the attacks. “We will, nevertheless, continue to experiment with any technological opportunities,” he said.

    That really doesn’t sound good. I can sympathise that it mus be frustrating for the police but it must be doubly so for the victims involved.

    I’m a bit worried with the extent to which everyone (including myself up to a point) have been blaming the police for this, almost to the point of letting the perpetrators off the hook.

  • bertie

    Not sure exactly what the problem is, but the intelligence that trouble is afoot and sufficient evidence to arrest are not the same level. Police have been warning individuals that there are threats to them but without having the evidence to make arrests.

    I really wish that there is something that we could do. On another thread I said that although dogoodery normally makes me cringe, if someone was organising a human shield of unionists/prods and a bus was leaving from Enniskillen, I would be on it. Bogexile (I think) said that he would join me. Can two people be a human shield? Mind you, if we did get a crowd interested, I could imaging that for the RC inhabitants of Ahoghill, the thought of busloads of unionists and prods decending on them may not be terribly reassuring!

    This whole thing is just plain wrong and its frustrating not to be able to anything constructive.


  • bertie


    not sure what the phantom “Bogexile” is doing at the end of my post

  • beano

    Well said bertie, I share the sentiment completely. It sounds really depressing and cold, but I think part of the reason people don’t express their disgust more often is because it makes for depressing conversation to think that all this is going on in our own back yard (and has been for so long) and there’s sweet FA we can do about it.

  • lib2016

    Unionists are much too modest about their achievements in refusing to allow a decent political or even policing regime to be set up here for so long.

    Republicans are responsible for the police refusing to defend them against loyalists? It’s been going on for a lot longer than recent attempts at reform, which themselves only became necessary because the police had disgraced themselves publicly rather so often that their credibility was in tatters.

    Meanwhile unionism supported two political parties who compete for the privilege of pandering to the worst loyalist paramilitary excesses while uttering their inane cry ‘WaddaboutheIRA’.

    Yez have a neck on ye!

  • pacart

    Would lib2016 like the laws re. burden of proof relaxed to deal with such issues?

  • peteb

    (think of the shopkeepers and takings?)

    I’m obviously missing something from the actual article in the Newsletter, Mark.. what exactly justifies this pejorative comment?

    What the article actually refers to is this – “Supt Terry Shevlin said he feared drug dealers and thieves “were having a field day” while officers continued to be tasked out of the town.”

  • Mark


    The aside was flippant, I’m surprised you have problems with it when you employ similar in your own contributions.

    If you want to analyse why I had a problem with the comments (you identified what I was referring to correctly) and made a flippant aside; it was because a senior PSNI officer complained serious sectarian crime in one part of his beat was deflecting from his real (??) job of dealing with junkies and thieves in Ballymena. Ahoghill is meant to be his job. It should be important. To him it’s a distraction! (and generous overtime)

    The man deserved more than the flippant aside and lightly worded blog.

    Would it have been more appropriate/acceptable if I’d used a contemptuous strikethrough as you have done in the past?


  • peteb

    The aside was flippant, I’m surprised you have problems with it when you employ similar in your own contributions.

    Oh, I don’t have problems with it.. just an attempt to elicit a clearer definition of what you intended by the comment.. junkies and thieves.. who tend to use home burglaries to finance their habits.. hmm.

    If you want to analyse why I had a problem with the comments

    My analysis is fine, thank you.

    Would it have been more appropriate/acceptable if I’d used an inaccurate contemptuous strikethrough as you have done in the past?

    “inaccurate contemptuous strikethrough”

    Sheesh.. Yeah.. it would have indicated that you intended your comments to be sarcastic.

  • slug

    I didn’t appreciate Mark’s comment about shopkeepers and takings. Honest earnings, those. No, you have to provide a police service that ensures property rights are enforced. That means you can’t post a policeman everywhere a sectarian attack might occur at the expense of all other victims of crime.

  • middle-class taig


    apparently you can post one everywhere a DUP MLA and Westminster challenger directs, though

  • BogExile


    The NIO have today announced that in an effort to calm sectarian tensions in Ahoghill, all of North Antrim is to be seceeded to Colombia.

    This meets a number of objectives explained senior securocrat Mandrin Orange. The Colombian Three can be extradited cheaply and serve their sentence in a purpose built council house in Dunloy. In addition the Colmnbian Army can shoot any fucker that moves and we feel that this will perhaps be a more sophisticated response to sectarian violence than Fire Blankets.

  • Piggy Ring

    Re: North Antrim, drug-dealers nocturnal arsonsists etc: It’s fairly well accepted in ‘nationalist’ parts of the north that the Provos for all their despicability and muderousness were at least good for one thing: keeping a kind of a control on drugs and drug dealers. This is especially true for one of the nastiest most insidious drugs of all, namely heroin. When this drug was cutting the heart out of communities all across Europe it’s horrendous effects scarcely touched the catholic ghettoes of the north….Anyway couldn’t the Ballymena PSNI and the ‘Ra get together. ‘Us’uns’ll go and clean up the streets of Ballymena and yous boys get over to Ahoghill and hang out in a sheugh clutching an oul fire blanket and sure all will be well with the world’. And isn’t it a fairly well speculated on fact that the ‘Ra are the police of the (near) future? Might as well get moving on it sooner rather than later…