Woke up this morning…

EMINEM has cancelled his appearance at Slane Castle, meaning disappointment for thousands of fans north and south. But fear not, as the far superior Alabama 3 (of Sopranos theme tune fame)are playing in Lisburn tomorrow night.

  • cash

    I am so glad I went to Lisburn last night (not an often heard statement granted) to see Glen Hansard and Duke Special perform at the festival. It was such a great gig if not a little too theatre like with the lecture-type seating. Glen was fantastic as-per-usual but watch out for DS in the future and check out his website and album to hear some good music (I recommend ‘last night’)

    I also was fortunate enough to see the fore mentioned Alabama 3 play this summer as well at the oxegen festival and I have to say that I agree completely with Belfast gonzo that they far out weighed the live performance of Eminem at punchestown last year.(I worked at it – definitely not willing to pay to see him)

    I must commend the Lisburn festival committee for bringing together some class acts this year and last year as well, and what with idlewild tonight there’s no reason not to get your ass down there!

  • Gonzo

    A couple of the Alabama 3 came back to a Belfast party after they played the Limelight 2/3 years ago with a few of us that were there. Sound blokes. Just got meself on the guest list, so hope to bump into them again (assuming I make it to Lisburn!)

    Disappointed to learn of the lecture-type seating though. Kinda defeats the purpose of a gig…

  • Gonzo

    It wasn’t seated. Good gig, but the bar was totally inadequate for a concert.