Sinn Féin launch dossier

Sinn Féin have launched a dossier(pdf) highlighting attacks from Unionist Paramilitary groups over the summer months.

Speaking at the press conference Mr Kelly said:

“The following report details unionist paramilitary activity since the beginning of June.
“It details over 85 instances of unionist paramilitary activity, including five murders in a period of just over two months.
“Although by no means comprehensive, due to the fact that many attacks and acts of intimidation go unreported, it offers a chilling picture of a campaign of orchestrated sectarian intimidation, particularly in areas where there is a vulnerable nationalist minority.

JUNE 2005
2nd June – Blast bombs thrown at two homes in Ahorey, Richill in a racist attack on Eastern
European workers.
3rd June – Loyalist feud erupts in violence inside the Belfast court complex.
4th June – Two catholic owned cars set on fire and sectarian slogans daubed in East Belfast
4th June – 7 catholic homes in Coleraine attacked.
5th June – Names of Sinn Féin election workers posted on walls in Coleraine.
5th June – Pipe Bombs thrown at the homes of migrant workers in racist attack in Loughgall.
6th June – 27 year old attacked by masked gang wielding baseball bats in his Ballyclare home.
6th June – Car set on fire in racist attack in Loughgall.
7th June – Catholic homes and a car petrol bombed in Coleraine.
10th June – 56 year old woman attacked in her Ballymoney home and given 24 hours to leave.
16th June – 28 year old shot in Greenland Park, Lurgan.
16th June – Four masked men attack a man at his home in Ballyree Drive, Bangor.
17th June – Elderly catholic woman left hospitalised after attack on her Kerrera Street home
in Ardoyne.
19th June – Two nationalists assaulted by loyalist mob in Ballymena
20th June – Three Catholic homes at Old Throne Park, North Belfast destroyed after sectarian
arson attack. Eight children including a small baby lucky to escape alive.
22nd June – Ballymena man jailed after UVF gun running plot exposed.
23rd June – Arson attack on St. John’s Catholic Church in Portadown.
28th June – 20 year old shot in the legs in Bangor.
28th June – Loyalist flags erected outside PSNI barracks in mixed Dunmurray village.
29th June – Loyalist flags erected in mixed Lisburn Road area.
29th June – Petrol bomb attack the home of a 19 year old woman, Braeside Grove, Castlereagh.
29th June – 17 year old shot, Carrickmannin Gardens, Bangor.

JULY 2005
1st July – Loyalist mob led by PUP member Billy McCaughey disrupt DPP meeting in Clough,
Co.Antrim. SDLP Councillor force to be escorted from the meeting by the PSNI.
1st July – Jameson Lockhart shot dead by UVF, Newtownards Road, East Belfast.
5th July – Catholic homes on Mountpottinger Road Attacked by loyalist gang.
6th July – 30 year old shot, Carlingford Street, Creaggh Road.
9th July – Catholic home on the Crumlin Road firebombed.
10th July – Gun attack linked to the LVF on a home in the Silverstream Road area of North
11th July – Craig McCausland shot dead by the UVF, Dhu Varren, North Belfast.
11th July – Man forced to flee home in Woodvale Pass as masked and armed gang burst in.
11th July Man shot and seriously injured on the Crumlin Road in an attacked linked to the LVF.
11th July – Catholic woman forced to flee her Ahoghill home after 50 years due to attacks.
11th July – Catholic taxi driver and passengers attacked in Blacks Road area of West Belfast.
11th July – PSNI patrol attacked in East Belfast and weapon stolen.
11th July – Business premises on Creaggh Road burned down in arson attack.
11th July – UVF firing party appear at Belfast City Council backed bonfire on the Newtownards
11th July – UDA firing party appear at bonfire in the Westlands area.
11th July – Harryville Church in Ballymena daubed with sectarian slogans.
11th July – Attempt to abduct nationalist in Portstewart.
12th July – UVF and UDA figures join Orange Parade through Ardoyne, Mountainview and the
Dales in North Belfast.
12th July – Loyalist protest outside St. Matthews Catholic Church, East Belfast.
12th Nationalist residents in Lower Ormeau attacked by stone throwing loyalists taking part in
12th parade.
13th July – Catholic homes in Clandeboye Gardens in the Short Strand area attacked.
15th July – Sinn Féin member in Coleraine told of threat to his life.
15th July – Four nationalists in Coleraine told of unionist paramilitary threat to their lives
16th July – Petrol Bomb attack on the Diamond Bar, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim
16th July – Blast bomb explodes inside Catholic woman‚s home, Mountainview Gardens.
16th July – Catholic homes in the Short Strand once again come under attack.
17th July – Blast bomb thrown into a house at Schomberg Court, Carrickfergus.
17th July – Three nationalist homes in Coleraine attacked
18th July – UVF carry out gun attack on house at Victoria Road, East Belfast.
20th July – Shots fired at house in Avonorr Drive, East Belfast.
20th July – Woman in Coleraine has home petrol bombed
21st July – Petrol Bomb attack on Half Way House bar in Broughshane, Co.Antrim
23rd July – Sectarian slogans daubed on Catholic properties in Garvagh, Co.Derry.
23rd July – Several nationalists in Dunloy Co. Antrim visited by the PSNI and warned that they
are under threat from unionist paramilitaries.
23rd July – Holy Cross Church in Ardoyne petrol bombed.
23rd July – Device left on Dublin rail line to disrupt travel to the GAA Ulster Final in Dublin.
24th July – Man in his 40s shot in the Shankill Road area.
25th July – Hundreds of UVF members invade Garnerville estate in the East Belfast and force
LVF linked families to flee in full view of the PSNI and British Army.
25th July – Taxi Depot in the Ballysillan area destroyed in arson attack linked to loyalist feud.
25th July – Leading republican Martin Meehan advised by the PSNI that his life is under threat
from unionist paramilitaries.
25th July – Another paint bomb attack on Harryville Church in Ballymena.
25th July – Two men shot in Tynedale Grove in North Belfast.
26th July – Two Catholic churches in Ballymena attacked.
26th July – Catholic owned bar in Martinstown, Co. Antrim firebombed.
26th July – Catholic owned bar in Rasharkin, Co. Antrim firebombed.
26th July – 10 shots fired at a house in Station Road, Newtownabby.
26th July – A woman and two children escape after petrol bomb attack on their home in
Silverstream Gardens.
27th July – Nationalist home in Coleraine has windows broken
30th July – Stephen Paul shot dead by the UVF Wheatfield Crescent, North Belfast.
31st July – UDA linked to the shooting of a 38 year old in the Westland area.

1st August – PSNI Attacked by loyalist gang Palmer Street in the Woodvale area.
1st August – Bomb left outside home in Knockeen Crescent, Ballymena.
1st August – Shots fired into a house in Randalstown, Co. Antrim.
1st August – Petrol bomb attack on Catholic home in Laurel Park, Ahoghill.
2nd August – Petrol Bomb attack on home at Redwood, Dunmurry.
4th August – Loyalist paramilitaries orchestrate riot on the Crumlin Road in North Belfast.
5th August – Further rioting on the Crumlin Road.
6th August – Catholic man attacked in Coleraine shop
7th August – Man shot seriously injured Glenside Park. Victim believed to be leading LVF figure.
7th August – Device left at Brookfield Mill, North Belfast
8th August – Three houses in Cloughmills, Co.Antrim attacked with pipe bombs
9th August – Fire Blankets issues to Catholic families in Ahoghill, Co. Antrim
9th August – The Banbridge Home of Sinn Féin Councillor Dessie Ward petrol bombed.
9th August – Harryville Catholic Church in Ballymena paint bombed.
9th August – Catholic home in Ballymena has windows smashed.
9th August – Masked loyalist protesters are joined by DUP politicians for illegal protest in
10th August – St. Patrick‚s Catholic Church in Lisburn daubed with sectarian slogans
10th August – 15 year old Thomas Devlin murdered in North Belfast attack, attributed in the
media to the UVF.
12th August – Catholic homes in the Waterside area of Derry attacked.
12th August – Leading LVF figure Gordon Hutchinson shot and seriously injured in Lurgan.
12th August – Two flats in Rathcoole come under pipe bomb attack
12 August – Pipe bomb left outside republican home in Beechmount Ave, West Belfast
13th August – 30 year old shot in the legs in Newtownabby
14th August – Newsagents shop on the Antrim Road in Belfast set fire in arson attack.
14th August – 15 year old tied to a lamp post and covered in paint on the Donegal Road
15th August – Catholic home in Kilrea attacked
15th August – Catholic home in Ahoghill, Co.Antrim paint bombed
15th August – Michael Greene an LVF associate shot dead in the Sandy Row area of South Belfast
16th August – St. Josephs Catholic Primary School, Ahoghill paint bombed
16th August – St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ahoghill paint bombed
16th August – Pipe bomb left outside home, Windslow, Carrickfergus

  • reality check

    Fair Deal-im unsure that the dup’s condemnation covers flags as well.Loyalist paramilitarism has huge power and ballymena and given the fact there was huge potential for serious trouble that night,perhaps their presence may have calmed the situation down and no hostility was shown to messrs stirling gillespie shows the organisers wanted a peaceful march contributed to lowering tension.though the INLA chants were regrettable.Billy mccaughey offered unionists to sit with nationalists and discuss a way for republicans to articulate their culture in a way acceptable to everyone.Maybe this is the way ahead

  • DK

    reality check

    Harbinson is that one that my mother told to stick his flag. Here is an example how one moronic individual has managed to destroy the reputation of what use to be a decent community. There have always been the young wannabe’s around with a potential to aggrevate on the 11th night or other such events. As individuals they never got anywhere as the elder members of the community would put them in their place. Harbinson has managed to galvanise them into his fan club and now the community pay the price.

    During the worst of the “troubles”, Stoneyford managed to escape relatively lightly. The most serious event in my memory was the brutal killing of a catholic father in front of his four young children. The house opposite Calvert’s as it happens. Ironically, that foul deed was the work of PIRA. You see Adrian, (the victim), was a lorry driver who committed the crime of delivering materials to a police station.

    That said, Adrian had previously rented my house whilst I was working oversea’s. Someone took exception and smashed all the windows to drive Adrian out. It happened around the same time as the flag incident. We always suspected Harbinson and his young gang of hoods.

    Harbinson is a splendid example of the “pond life” that I have referred to earlier. In my view it is unfair to use his crimes to demonise the entire community, as appears to be the case in many contributions to this thread. However, if that’s what people want to do then so be it. It should not detract from the long overdue need for the community to put him in his place, ie a cell for a long time.

  • fair_deal

    Reality check

    “Billy mccaughey offered unionists to sit with nationalists and discuss a way for republicans to articulate their culture in a way acceptable to everyone.Maybe this is the way ahead”

    1. I would need some more convincing on this. Is it not up to a community or political organisation to articulate itself rather than have its message or culture vetted by another political group? Dialogue and negotiation has its uses however sometimes it can be used to try and avoid living and accepting some of the basics required to share a divided community.
    2. Billy McCaughey’s authority to negotiate I think is limited.

  • reality check

    Fair Deal-im not saying it would be easy in anyway.A lot of difficulties would need to be overcome.Considering both sf and sdlp were against the parade means any future parade/event would have to be consented by them to then negotiate with unionists.Billy mccaughey wasn’t opposed to the parade hence his absence.the fact a local leading loyalist wasn’t opposed gave it credence though billy has no mandate.His vote of around 150 in the council election confirms your belief

  • reality check

    DK-mr harbinson is well known to the police.he has regulary appeared in local papers and is said to be a leader of a paramilitary linked band in stoneyford.Surely the psni must have something on him?

  • irishman

    I thought Billy McCaughey offered some real hope in Ballymena with his more thoughtful attitude to the parade in Fisherwick.

    Let me be clear, though. I didn’t support the parade as I saw it for what it was: an attempt by a small group of dissident-minded individuals to get free publicity and undermine the more productive approach of people like Philip McGuigan and Monica Digney, who have more successfully articulated nationalist concerns in the strongly loyalist town.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if McCaughey did meet with Sinn Fein. Such a move would leave the DUP apopleptic- and undoubtedly be reminiscent of the post-GFA days, when the DUP sabre-rattled to no avail as the ‘snakes’ had signed up to the deal. (that said, I wouldn’t be too optimistic on this front; regardless of McCaughey’s view, there are plenty of loyalists willing to march to the sectarian beat.

  • DK

    reality check

    there is the small matter of evidence that will stand up in court. There are many people walking around who the PSNI, (and the proverbial dogs in the street), know to be, or to have been part of the leadership of paramilitary gangs, never mind bands. Some of them may even be public representatives. It doesn’t mean that the PSNI can just lift them. I dare say there would be an outcry from all the usual “human rights” groups if they tried to. Look waht happened when they were told to lift the despicable Sean Kelly!

    Unfortunate, but there you have it. We as a society have elected to elevate the rights of the tormentor at the expense of the victims.

  • reality check

    irishman-as honourable as he sometimes seems,billy mccaughey usually has a hidden agenda.he has been noted in his support for uvf flags/murals in b’mena but regulary campaigns for a de-sectarianised environment for everyone.He’s desperate to be elected to the council but most people wouldnt even think of coting for him.if there was an event organised for the whole nationalist community i would support it.Though declan o’loan isn’t keen on parades or displays of any kind