Another killing in the loyalist feud…

ON the way to work this morning I saw a large police presence in Shaftesbury Square, not far from loyalist Sandy Row, which runs parallel to Belfast’s ‘Golden Mile’ of bars and restaurants. The news came later that another man had been murdered in the ongoing feud between the UVF and LVF. The police seem to be impotent, and most people seem to expect more bloodshed on the streets before this turf war ends.

  • jim

    Part of the problem seems to be that a proportion of those involved (on both sides of the feud) are working for the police or intelligence services as informers.

    Perhaps this has a bearing on the lack of commitment to go after the perpetrators.

    Sources are being protected.

  • Gonzo

    “Sources are being protected.”

    …or slaughtered – informers have been regarded as expendable cannon fodder in the past by the security services, so who really knows?

  • Jacko

    “Part of the problem seems to be that a proportion of those involved (on both sides of the feud) are working for the police or intelligence services as informers”.

    You may well be right in what you claim. But surely such a sweeping statement requires some sort of evidence to back it up.
    For me, ineptitude on the part of the police and/or the real difficulties involved in bringing someone to court nowadays given such strong evidencial requirements.

  • Jo

    Mr McCord has good reason to believe the informant theory – that is the evidence and it was on this evenings news in connection with this story. Indeed, if we believe David Ervine, a lot of ther raison d’etre for the LVF can be traced back to deliberate acts of security policy makers.

  • Headmelter

    Listening to talk back today Michael McGimpsey referred to the loyalist terrorists who occupied Garnerville as “volunteers”. Could someone let me know what they have volunteered for, and what their noble cause might be? or is it as simple as selling drugs and running rackets?
    Do the local unionist politicians see the loyalist terrorists as ‘volunteers’ or was this a collusive slip of the tongue?

  • ruby

    The Newsletter reported last week that the uvf ‘volunteers’ have taken over the drugs trage in Garnerville from the lvf ‘volunteers’

  • john

    Raymond McCord was interviewed in today’s Belfast telegraph

  • Comrade Stalin

    Michael McGimpsey was on blaming the police for not intervening in the feud. How can the police intervene in the feud if our political leadership will not ?

    Take down the murals and call for the arrests of all the named paramilitaries whose names are bandied about in the media. Come on Michael – how hard is it ? You can start with that great big UFF memorial at the end of the bridge at Sandy Row.

  • heck

    headmelter and ruby

    The reason the term “volunteers” is used is because these people have no independent ideas and are copying the IRA term for their members. I guess they must have a subliminal admiration for the republican movement.

    I think this is similar to how I imagine we got this Ulster Scots nonsense. The republican movement went into the GFA negotiations to get a higher profile for the Irish language (there was an Irish language movement in Norn Iron since I was a child) and the unionist response was “we want what the fenians get”. The British, wanting to present themselves as neutral and not as part of the problem, agreed.

    If there is anyone out there smarter that me I would like to see some psychological analysis of the unionist mentality. Might I suggest a term to describe it? “Armalite Envy”

  • fair_deal

    A human being with a wife and family is dead here folks, any chance of some sympathy for the family?


    “The reason the term “volunteers” is used is because these people have no independent ideas and are copying the IRA term for their members”

    Sorry to burst your sectarian stereotype but they claim to model themselves on the 1912 Ulster Volunteer Force (which predated the copycat Irish Volunteers and the formal establishment of the Irish Republican Army). The modern day UVF also predated the PIRA by about 5-6 years. There are also the earlier Volunteers of the late 18th century so the IRA is not the source of the term volunteer.

    Now you have contributed this drivel of sneering supperiority go back to your little Planet Provo and tell yourself the lie you are anti-sectarian.

  • reality check

    Its as simple as this.loyalists are literally getting away with murder.they killed the young catholic boy last week and now have killed one of their own.weasel worded statements from michael mcgimpsey are of no help

  • Macswiney

    Best comments so far on this issue from Alisdair McDonnell (Honestly!). This is NOT a feud. The UVF have killed 4 people and there is now absolutely NO retaliation coming from The LVF. It is now a straightforward campaign of genocide by The UVF. The PSNI should be ashamed at the amount of casualties and their laissez-faire attitude to this (despite public contradictions to the same).

  • DCB

    Genocide – surely a bit strong a word – of course I shouldn’t be so relaxed about it as inevitably innocent people will get caught up in the inept crossfire.

    I think the PSNI are either letting the UVF have a clean run at the LVF, or else they just don’t have the infomrants, manpower that they used to. I’m sure the RUC weren’t exactly rushing to stop the INLA fueding.

    Either way unionist politicans should be doing more to address the problem of loyalist paramailities. I would imagine that most of the people caught up in the fued at the moment were children when the first ceasefire was called.

  • Macswiney

    Fair enough point DCB. ‘Genocide’ may be a bit strong but I hope you take my point that this is now an entirely one-way campaign of violence. It was galling to hear McGimpsey’s lack of bottlewhen addressing the issue. I agree that Unionism needs to stand up very quickly and authoritatively on this issue (ASAP).

  • DCB

    It certainly seems at the moment to be one way, and it shows to signs of abating.

  • darthrumsfeld

    “The reason the term “volunteers” is used is because these people have no independent ideas and are copying the IRA term for their members”

    Er, no actually. Far be it for me to ascribe any intelligence to these people but Provo copycats they ain’t- on this occasion at least. In fact they are Volunteers because they belong to a “Volunteer” Force. They stole the idea from the UVF of 1912- as funnily enough- did the Provos.Probably because most people in their community don’t know what an “Oglaigh” is.

    So yes, there are loads of people out here smarter than you,heck

  • beano;

    “Ripping off the IRA” was funny heck, keep up the good work.

    I do think that politicians using the term is depressing though (and in M McG’s case, quite surprising – I haven’t heard the quote). Definitely that term shouldn’t be used, it’ll just encourage them.

  • DaithiO

    It seems ludicrous that only now, after 4 killings there is going to be a review of the UVF’s “ceasefire”. It’s beyond a joke !

    I remember reading that someone called Tohill was attacked outside a pub and it caused the unionists to abandon devolution.

    These same people used the murder of Robert Mcartney in a street brawl to suggest that republicans were still fighting a war.

    Why aren’t these politicos being as vociferous in condemning terrorism on their own doorsteps ?

  • BogExile

    The police in New York have a term for this sort of activity: ‘Public Interest Killing’

    Tin hat on 🙂

  • DCB


    Funny 🙂

    The only problem is that those carrying out the PIK’s are not exactly legendry in their paramilitary skills.

    So much so that after the failed 21/7 London bombings I thought that Al Quida had recruited a former UDA bomb maker

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    The current actions of the unionist paramilitries shows that they are not interested in peace either among themselves or with the nationalist community. The fact that the UVF are trying to wipe out the LVF tells us that they have no intentions of laying down their weapons and that they plan to be on the scene for quite a while yet.
    In the absence of the IRA what are the aims of these groupings, if they claim to be reactionary protecters of their communities then surely their job is done. All sectarian attacks are coming from these groups and are reactionary to nothing that republicans are doing.
    Why are the unionist politicans not calling for the disbandment of these groupings with the same gusto as they were calling for from the IRA.

  • Headmelter

    All very well but some one is yet to tell me what are these volunteers are volunteering to do? and
    What is their goal or cause?

  • strap

    No comments from the orange order on the feud.

    I wonder who the Old Boyne Island Defenders orange lodge are supporting.

    They currently commemorate 5 senior uvf men.

    will they have any more uvf commanders to add to their bannerette before the feud ends.