Army sold out…

DID anyone see the British military watchtower (possibly being dismantled in Derry) that was ‘auctioned’ on eBay a day or two ago? It seems to be gone now, but had attracted a bid of just over a million pounds before eBay presumably took it off the site…

  • aquifer

    Public bodies are obliged to sell for the highest price, and to minimise the cost of the sale.

    They may have decided they could need it for Bradford and withdrawn it from the auction.

  • Gonzo

    Methinks it may have been a joke…

  • Friendly Fire

    Jokes aside: Why hasn’t it been deployed to Basra?

  • heck

    I couldn’t find another place to comment.

    This site was full of comments after the brutal murder of Robert Mccartney. Politicians were raising the issue in parliament, in Europe and in the US. The British propaganda machine was in full swing. In a cynical use of the poor Mccartney family the British government took the sisters to White house in an attempt to stop Sinn Fein at the last election. (notice how the issue has died down since then)

    Now it appears that unionist terrorists have butchered a 15 year old boy and there is not a word from “the usual suspects”.

    There were multiple threads and speculation on this site when Robert Mccartney was killed but not a single post on this young man who it appears was killed by loyalists.

    I have said before on this site that IRA arms and crimes were used by unionists as an excuse not to share power with Fenians–not a reason. I am more convinced of that than ever. Unionists don’t really care about violence. Their exploitation of the Mccartney family and their tragedy was a disgrace and nothing more than a cynical attempt to reduce the SF vote.

    It’s about time unionist politicans, commentators and bloggers put their own house in order before pointing a finger at anyone else.

  • beano;

    ” the British government took the sisters to White house in an attempt to stop Sinn Fein at the last election”

    And you’ve a cheek to talk about the “British propaganda machine”? Good one.

  • circles

    But he/she does indeed have a point Beano – whether or not all the facts are 100% correct the general jist of the post isn’t far from reality, in that the loyalists are basically “gettin away with it”.
    Of course on could argue that there is no real political party which can be pressurised to get these criminals to pack away their toys, but as long as the main unionist/loyalist party is, implicitly at least, supporting loyalist paramilitaries, why would they even think of going away? The silence of the good Dr.’s big mouth grows more deafening by the day.

  • heck

    beano, are you saying the honest Tony’s government did not have a hand in getting the mccartney sisters to meet Bush in March? The mother of a dead US soldier, killed in Iraq, can’t get a meeting with Bush, inspite of support from a number of congressmen. She has to sit on the road in Texas trying to get a meeting. If you think this was’nt part of some british propaganda excercise then you must be smoking some good loyalist crack.

    I am commenting on the double standard towards violence from unionist politicans, commentators, and bloggers. I had to post my comments about the murder of a 15 year old boy (apparently by the Mt Vernon UVF) on a thread about a disused army post.

    If nationalists post comments on this double standard they get accused of “whataboutery”.

    where are the comments from blair, the telegraph, the police, unionist politicans? What is his MP nigel dodds doing?

    This family deserve the same level of outrage as the poor mccartney sisters.

  • trim

    Raymond McCord senior who’s own son was murdered by the Mount Vernon uvf, was quoted in today’s paper as saying that it is widely known within loyalist North Belfast who killed the young teenage lad.

  • Fiachra

    I saw the watchtower story on UTV news last night. Far juice to who ever posted it. They said that the reserve price was £19.16 & hi9ghest bid was over a million but that the bid had ended.

    Mise le meas,

  • reality check

    Heck-your totally correct.look at the murder of craig mccausland.the unionist politicans didnt give a f***.lisa dorrin a catholic,mrdered by loyalists,thomas devlin a catholic,murdered by loyalists.unionism must face this awful truth in their community

  • The Binlid

    I agree with your posts.
    And still no specific thread to discuss these issues.
    Maybe people are on holiday.