Decommissioning delayed?

RTE appear to carry confirmation, from Gardaí, of this morning’s Irish Examiner report that thousands of rounds of ammunition – speculated to be for assault weapons – were dumped in North Kerry on Monday night. According to the IE’s John Breslin [sound file], which seemed to be the only paper to cover the story, despite the find being made on Tuesday the Garda Press Office “said it had no information about the discovery of the ammunition.”

The Irish Examiner report also notes –

..Mr de Chastelain has returned to Canada and the other monitors are on holiday for most of the month. It could be next month before the [decommissioning] process begins.

  • chris Galas

    I suspect this is the start of the cascade we’ll be seeing all across Ireland.

    With 1000s of IRA caches across the North and South, with some amo and ordinance being quite old and might very well be unstable, its best to just truck it to a local field and call the Garda and have them document the decom and deal with it directly. Otherwise if you’re trucking it to a central location, with auto accidence happening, it might not be the safest avenue to go down…

  • The Binlid

    Quite possibly the first sign the RA are offloading unsafe ammo.
    The more interesting stuff will come later.

  • Alan McDonald


    Are there really thousands of caches? I guess it makes sense that you would decentralize illegal arms, but that seems like a hell of a quartermastering job.

  • chris Galas


    Remember, the IRA is a de-centeralized organization. At its hight in the early ’90s, there was estimated to be around 250 brigades (from N/S Ireland, Scotland, UK, etc), which where semi-autonomous.

    Its just easier to BYOA (store it yourself) in a secured place, rather than having a ‘formal’ amo dump that was 10-20Km away, with alot of people knowing about it.

    A secret is best kept when fewer people know its a secret.

  • Alan McDonald

    Thanks Chris.