Annual Electoral Register Requirement To Be Dropped

The government has published plans for the requirement to register for your vote every year to be amended.

Under the proposed plans, the Chief Electoral Officer can decide when the roll needs refreshing. It is also proposed that people should be able to get on the register up until 11 days before an election, in an attempt to up the number of people registered to vote in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein’s national director of elections Pat Doherty MP welcomed the consultation paper and its proposals, calling annual registration a ‘complete disaster’.

Looks like it may be back to the Job Centre for Alexandra Ford – the star of the Electoral Commission’s ‘Secure Your Vote – Or Lose It’ campaign

  • aquifer

    Cheating at elections is ingrained in the culture here. We need some quality control on who is applying for votes, to know the level of fraud that is out there and to prosecute the worst offenders.

  • The Binlid

    my great great grandfather turned in his grave when he found out he couldn’t vote last time round.just another way to disenfranchise an oppressed people. 🙂

  • bertie


    Loving your work :o)