The end of (armed) history?

Danny Morrison looks at what he believes is the end of a very long era in Irish Republican history. He begins by noting the raggedy start to the IRA’s campaing: “Support for the IRA in its defensive role after the pogroms of August 1969 was overwhelming in Belfast. However, support for armed struggle came testily in dribs and drabs”.

  • glensman

    Gerry sounds like he’s half asleep, sounds like he really is getting bored of having to repeat himself over and over again!

    Maybe its time to leave Paisley behind and create a dynamic peace process like that of South Africa so we can finally get on to real politics, such as education and the economy…

  • TheDevil

    “create a dynamic peace process like that of South Africa”

    well glensman it’s clear you know damn all about South Africa

  • aquifer

    “support for armed struggle came testily in dribs and drabs”

    Funny terms for fistfuls of dollars and boxes of libyan weaponry. Popular support for PIRA was minimal for a long time.

    Disorder and violence sustain themselves to a degree, and become a spectacle or bloodsport. Think feuds. A policeman was heard to say of the Ardoyne riots that if he was a young lad he might well have gone along himself for the crack, and Drumcree became a folk entertainment for a summer evening, complete with ice cream and chip vans.

    Get that stadium built.

  • art_macerc

    “Last Thursday’s IRA decision to formally announce the end of the armed struggle was a courageous move”

    Pity it came 35 years too late.

  • freddie

    More loyalist entertaiment tonight in the rain on the Crumlin Road.

    Petrol bombs,burning buses,plastic bullets and politicians being interviewed just as it kicks off.

    We’ve come a long way, its even being choreographed these days.

  • headmelter

    “Petrol bombs,burning buses,plastic bullets and politicians being interviewed just as it kicks off.”

    Plenty of petrol bombs and burning vehicles but few plastic bullets fired.
    Some things change and some things don’t, if it was at the Ardoyne I’m sure the Trevors would have enjoyed plenty of target practice… and where was the water cannon?
    Maybe the UDR/RIR need to be retained and deployed to these fresh areas of serious public disturbance 😉

  • nelson

    The UDR/RIR would have been to busy making the petrol bombs.

    Is joint membership not compulsary – RIR/UVF ??

  • Biffo

    But Freddie,

    Due to conditions currently prevailing, you are only required to dump weapons and quit terrorism if you are planning to go into government.

    So, I’m afraid if catholics want to see an end to loyalist paramilitaries they are going to have to vote for them at the next election.

  • kyle

    Loyalist terrorists have always had strong support within these areas

    Thats why locals are happy to burn vehicles and throw petrol bombs.

    They riot because they support the uvf.

  • headmelter


    Interesting moniker.
    Do you think our local constabulary may be turning a blind eye? 🙂

  • headmelter

    “They riot because they support the uvf.”

    Wat glorious cause deserves this support Kyle?

    murdering members of their own community?
    shooting young lads in the knees?
    beating people with baseball bats?
    dealing drugs?

    some how this sounds familiar but different.

  • aquifer

    “Plenty of petrol bombs and burning vehicles but few plastic bullets fired.”

    They fired a few? Amazing. In the much bigger Ardoyne riot the police had to wait a long time for permission to fire them, sustaining a lot of injuries in the interim.

    When the rubber tipped plastic bullets were eventually fired. The police injuries stopped.

    So what are the principled objections to rubber bullets. That young criminals should not be hurt at all? That our young criminals should not be deterred? That no-one should hinder us in wounding the forces of the crown?

  • levee

    aquifer – Young rioters are such bad sports. They want to throw the missiles, not dodge them!

    Ideally, the PSNI would drive in a truck filled with petrol bombs and half-bricks and start chucking them back. Instead of being accused of heavy handed-ness, they could simply claim they were responding with equal force!

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that!

  • cash

    The main objection to plastic bullets being fired my friend lies with the fact that no matter when they are fired innocent parties get hurt as a result of the peelers not being able to direct them at their intended target.
    Riots attract a lot of stand by spectators mostly young teenagers innocent enough on the night. So when a plastic bullet takes the life an innocent kid, or blinds an innocent woman, surely you would concur that this gives some cause for concern. They get fired by police who can’t see a thing in front of them, and cause nothing but damage!
    Even if they could see they still shouldn’t be used, rioters are no match for these lethal weapons with so many lives destroyed because of them.

  • jocky

    Cash, given the injury stats of the Ardoyne riot dont bear out your claim that “rioters are no match for these lethal weapons”.

    Obviously none of the blame lies with the rioters?

  • BogExile


    Ordy, Ordy,
    Give me your answer do
    I’m half dead from
    The rioters in this zoo
    I won’t be so very nasty
    But these bombs are somewhat blasty
    This isn’t sweet, I’m off my feet
    And my Union is going to sue.

  • Fanny

    11 plastic bullets were fired, I believe.
    No doubt SF is filing a complaint as we speak.