Another Groundhog morning…?

Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley meet Tony Blair separately today to tell him why the other is being unreasonable. Adams on the BBC Today programme refered to having “the usual re-cyclable interview” (sound file) with John Humphries. Perhaps most interesting, was Adams’ statement that he now had to “accept the authority of the police”.

8 thoughts on “Another Groundhog morning…?”

  1. It is a funny old World, Gerry Adams stated the SF/IRA mandate cannot be ignored, followed by another statement that if the DUP played for too much time that SF/IRA and the other political parties would move on without them!

    It seems to me that SF/IRA intend to just ignore the DUP mandate? How does that work then? anybody?

    Is Gerry Adams now in charge and in a position to dictate terms and at the same time speak on behalf of the other political parties?

    If Gerry is so clever maybe he could rearrange these letters.

    pen inde dence for thern nor land ire is fast becoming the buzz word.

    I know some people can’t see it and that others will pretend it’s not there, nevertheless it is definitely there.

    Here is another version for the stupid:

    Independence for Northern Ireland Is fast becoming the buzz word.

  2. independence for northern ireland

    what a totally crazy and stupid notion…..go and do the sums …..who pays the £’s when you’ve not got the UK excequer bank-rolling the whole escapade

  3. Tony refuses to shake hands with Gerry Adams because he dosn’t want to annoy the DUP.but he shook hands with Colonel Gaddafi last year for the media.

    “Meeting Blair leaves Adams unshaken It is the handshake that never was.”,9061,1542873,00.html

    ” After shaking hands with Colonel Gaddafi at the start of the historic talks, the prime minister said there was real hope for a “new relationship”.

    Yet, was it not Gaddafi’s guns hidden in dumps all over Ireland (sent to the IRA in boat loads) which has been holding the peace process up for the past 5 years?

  4. Fixating on hand shakes and Colonel Gaddafi is missing the point. The IRA have made as a good a statement of their intentions as it’s going to get and sometimes you just need to know when to stop pushing. Of course if you never had any intention of trying to make the “process” work in the first place then by all means keep pushing or maybe dragging everyone backwards. I understand that they want time to see that the IRA are keeping to their word but to expect us all to wait years in continuous limbo while Direct Ministers who couldn’t give a monkey’s destroy what little we have left to satisfy their egos is unacceptable.

    Maybe now the voters will see what they’ve done and next chance they get put the DUP back where they belong in history.

  5. I suspect many voters will see what they have done and keep voting DUP. Would the IRA have shifted without the huge DUP mandate?

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