Blair's racialist view of terrorism?

Geoffrey Wheatcroft with a fierce critique of Tony Blair’s apparently contradictory stance on the Northern Irish peace process, and his more combative and aggressive approach to terrorism in Britain. He concludes:

If there is no moral distinction between Adams and al-Zarqawi, and Adams’s objectives are certainly no more honourable or rational than al-Zarqawi’s, there is one objective difference: Adams is white. No doubt Tony Blair doesn’t consciously think in terms of ‘darkies’ or Mahometan savages, but the grim and very dangerous truth is that the terrorists he will never negotiate with or give an inch to are Asian by birth or descent and Muslim by religion, whereas the terrorists he propitiates are Catholic, Aryan, white Europeans.

His distinction between good and bad terrorists is not only dishonest, cowardly and hypocritical, it is racist. If millions of embittered youths from Leeds to Basra to Islamabad notice that, should we be surprised?