Timing is everything

Given the sudden flurry of activity, and the hype discussion around the statement issued today, it would be remiss of me not to note the discussions currently taking place on new anti-terrorism laws

And, in light of the most recent assessment of the Independent Monitoring Commission in its 5th report

PIRA continues to seek to maintain its medium term effectiveness. It recruits and trains new members, including in the use of firearms and explosives. It continues to gather intelligence.

I’d note certain items on the reported list of measures to be introduced –

Outlawing “acts preparatory to terrorism”

New offence of indirect incitement to commit terrorist acts

New law for those providing or receiving terrorist training

Also included in the BBC report is this section –

The bill is expected in the autumn and the legislation could be on the statute books by next summer.

The timetable is the same as originally planned for new anti-terror legislation before the 7 July attacks.

But ministers say they will take notice if the police and security services want the measures sooner, or if they want further powers.

Timing, eh?