Setanta to show Premiership matches

A piece of relief today’s statement. It seems Setanta is emerging as one of the big candidates to take some of Sky’s coverage of the English Premiership, following a directon from the EU. Games from the Scottish Premier League will be covered from this weekend on a pay per view basis.

  • Ciarán

    Have you a full copy of the statement? Is there anything new in this??? Will the coverage be any more exciting or will it be more of the same? I want to see ACTION NOT WORDS!!!!

  • Keith M

    How much would I have to get last night’s match in Bratislava or Shels hammering of The Glens on repeat play?

  • iluvni

    After mighty Linfield’s success against Ventspils in the UEFA Cup, I’d imagine Setanta will be looking to show the all-Ireland champions in the next round of Europe too!

  • beano

    Just more expensive sport on TV. Another pay per view sports channel is NOT good news for football fans.

  • PS

    Buy yourself an RTE aerial Beano. The live matches on Saturday afternoons on RTE were a very welcome addition last season!

  • Paul

    “Another pay per view sports channel is NOT good news for football fans”


    Real football fans should be going along to their local ground to watch a match,rather than relying on the Tv for their fix!

  • davidbrew

    But do we actually need to see these matches anyway? Surely if the result is confirmed by a protestant cleric and a priest that should be enough for the doubters?

  • DCB

    Another nail in United’s coffen.

    With no exclusivity will Sky pay a premium for football, I think not. And it’s going to hit Man U much harder due to their gearing.