More statements…

Blair and Ahern joint statement. Another from Mitchell Reiss. Gerry Adams’ 4pm statement in Dublin. And George Bush!

  • peteb


    There’s an interesting point to note in the US statement –


  • George

    Indeed Peteb,
    the US only cares if the IRA is a threat to its interests. Obviously that was the bit the Provos had to promise to get the Whitehouse on board.

    I see Senator King is also back on board and will be accompanying Martin at his stateside press conference.

  • Keith M

    Interesting point petebe, I wonder does this mean that the Colombia 3 will now go back to serving the sentence, or that SF/IRA will close its office in Havana, or is it just more empty nonsense?

  • 6countyprod

    My favourite statement so far is Mr McDowell’s. He said membership of the IRA was a crime and all of its assets must be forfeited to the State.