Arrests in connection to loyalist feud

Undoubtedly stung by the criticism of their apparent inability to take action during loyalist paramilitary intimidation in Garnerville estate over the past few days, the BBC are reporting that police have arrested 11 people and charged 7 others in connection to the loyalist feud. And there’s a security operation at a housing estate in Holywood, Co Down.

According to the report –

Officers have also carried out 63 searches in connection with the feud and are also carrying out a security operation in Holywood, County Down.

Three police and Army checkpoints have also been set up around the estate.

Police said the operation was to prevent a repeat of scenes in the Garnerville estate in east Belfast when the UVF forced LVF members to leave.

There’s no indication of how long they can continue that kind of approach to the problem though..

  • Gonzo

    I’m not surprised by the PSNI’s ‘softly-softly’ approach in east Belfast. This is how Chief Superintendent Henry Irvine operates generally with loyalist paramilitaries. Last year, Irvine had his officers block off streets while one group of paramilitaries erected flags. I think the excuse given was that it was to prevent breaches of the peace.

    Pathetic really.

  • peteb

    There is a depressingly familiar quote in the report, Gonzo –

    “I would like to reassure the public that police are working to help bring this feud to an end.

    I would ask those with influence in local communities to do the same.

    What that approach fails to recognise is that, in many cases, those who present themselves as having influence in the community – and there’s that ubiquitous term again – are part of the problem.

    And I’ll just note that the report has been edited since I posted it.

  • Mick

    Hmmm… Not sure 400 men arriving in busloads to swamp one smallish estatewas in the PSNI game plan. They seem to have tactically retreated to defend the next area of conflict.

  • peteb

    “They seem to have tactically retreated to defend the next area of conflict.”

    Hmm… I can see how that fits in with the quote from the police in the above report –


  • Comrade Stalin

    peteb, agreed completely. “those in the community with influence” are supposed to be the police. If the police are willing to subordinate themselves to other influences then the paramilitaries have won.