Museum to get £12million[ish]

The Ulster Museum is to receive £11.5million for a major redevelopment of the Museum – scheduled to begin towards the end of 2006. £7million coming from the Department of Culture, Arts and LearningLeisure and £4,713,000 from the unofficial tax fund.. I’d like to see better online access to the Museum’s collections for a start.

  • Bored

    Great news – I wonder how representative of Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal this new museum will be?

  • dcal

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  • Keith M

    Bored “Great news – I wonder how representative of Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal this new museum will be?”. The site has a search engine and all three countries are represented.

  • Bored

    Missing the point Keith M. The website for the museum repeatedly points out how the ‘ulster’ museum is the ‘national’ museum for northern ireland. Throughout the content of it’s website (and one assumes its printed promotional literature) ‘Ulster’ is equated with ‘northern ireland’. Given that such an equation is overwhelmingly only ever made by those in the Unionist/Protestant community, how the hell can the museum try to portray itself as being for all of the people of Northern Ireland? If they’d any interest in attracting people of both traditions then a choice of neutral nomenclature would be an obvious step in the right direction. What’s wrong with ‘The Museum of Northern Ireland’ etc., – anything but a title that resonates with only one section of the community.

    The ‘ulster’ orchestra are, of course, equal offenders in this regard.

  • Keith M

    Bored, the geographical borders of “Ulster” have changed down through the centuries. The original gaelic Ulaid was at one time (roughly) as small as the counties of Antrim and Down, but at its largest went as far south as the Boyne and was far west at modern Leitrim but never included Donegal. Later as Ulster it included both Louth and Donegal. Today “Ulster” and “Northern Ireland” are as interchangable as “Ireland” and “The Republic Of Ireland”.

    “What’s wrong with ‘The Museum of Northern Ireland’ etc.”. Personally I would agree, but some people are amazingly resistant to using the term “Northern Ireland”.

  • Bored

    Not sure that you’re getting my point Keith M….

    “Today ‘Ulster’ and ‘Northern Ireland’ are as interchangable as ‘Ireland’ and the Republic of Ireland'”

    Sure – but only for the members of one section of the community.

    How many Nationalists/Republicans/Catholics do you know (apart from those on BBC ‘Ulster’ who are forced to) who refer to Northern Ireland as Ulster?

  • Keith M

    Bored, you seem to have missed my point; the only people that have problem with “Ulster” being interchangable with “Northern Ireland” are by and large the very same people who have problem with using the name “Northern Ireland” to describe that country. You can only do so much pandering.

  • idunnomeself

    Incidentally the ‘National’ refer to the standard of the museum, and does not constitute a claim that NI is a nation.

    ‘National’ Museums are a level above Regional Museums

  • Bored

    O.K. Keith M, now I understand. What you’re saying is – “the Museum does have a name which currently identifies it with one section of the community only, but hey, there’s no point in trying to change it to make it more neutral because any such change would merely be ‘pandering’ to those pesky Fenians who are so insatiable that they won’t be satisfied by a change in any event.”


  • G.M.C.

    It is right to question the severe geographical and political delinquency which this country and also our region consistently suffers from at every ocurrence, though this occurrence was, it is guessed, veritably meant.

    The substance of the comments above used to get me also but one supposes, Ulster T.V.’s still photos of Donegall aside, it is easy to admit that the term Ulster means:

    1) the old political-geographical definition from many years ago which has no relevance today and is invalid outside of historical considerations.

    2) Perhaps, only perhaps I say, a contemporary geographical definiton only, of no current or recent political orientation and which includes the few mentioned counties of the neighbouring Republic of Ireland. Some sources do not hold this at all today as there is no relevance in terms of existant peoples or countries. Though I have found sources which do hold this purely geographical definition today. Something like Benelux? It is perhaps more often accepted than not, though really I can only see is pointless but I am not a geographer.

    3) The normal use of the word, not an ancient and not now politically existing province of the island Ireland, but the Northern Ireland which we know as inclusive of none of the Republic of Ireland.
    To suggest this normal term, a political term from the map, is only able to be used by certain people here is more than a bit patronising and confusing. Were the term Ulster, contemporary physical geography aside, to mean anything but this, it surely would mean we would be consistently referring to life centuries ago rather than today. And we don’t rule anywhere south of the border from here nor have any overseas Northern Irish territories.

    I haven’t a clue what Ulster T.V. are doing with their photos and if the question is T.V. reception, I believe that most of the country to the south of us gets U.T.V. reception. And then it’s floodgates time: why shouldn’t we see pictures of the north of County Meath as well?

    I haven’t found any confusion on the Ulster Museum website, perhaps it has been updated? But this kind of thing crops up regularly from bodies who ought to know better. Then, delinquency aside, there is the type of national term which is often found in regional parts of the country, for example the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and it is assumed that this means a branch of the National Portrait Gallery. But it does look terrible and remains seeming more like a mistake to read for example that the Ulster Museum is the national museum of Northern Ireland. A branch of the national museum, O.K. “In” is a better word here than “of”.

    Considering confusing comment on the Ulster Museum website, as I have posted on the “Chronic Lack of Cultural Investment” topic, there is news on their website of a huge overhaul. Though fine it is imagined in so far as a modern extension to the existing building goes, though one is never sure and this building is electric enough as a visiting site in itself, I can not for a pillar of salt or even every pillar see how this great building I have recently visited needs any remote form of “revitalising”. I think the forms have been mixed up. It’s something else.