Middle class self loathing in Dublin media

Like him or loathe him, the Republic’s minister for Justice has a knack for getting to the nub of certain issues. This week he’s been in Glenties, Co Donegal addressing the MacGill Summer School waxing lyrical on what he sees as the heavy and fixed charicaturing by sections of the media of right or even centre right politics (subs needed)

Update: Full text of the speech. Thanks to Nevin for the heads up!

He said there was a strong element of an Orwellian “left good, right bad” theme to much of what was to be read and heard in some quarters of the media. “This is hardly surprising, since what is ‘left’ is heavily sanitised and what is ‘right’ is heavily caricatured to fit that mindset,” he added. “Those opposed to the ‘left agenda’ are, by definition, ‘right’. The ‘left’ is never reactionary; the ‘right’ always is. Holding on to the ‘left’ positions is never ‘conservative’, challenging them always is.”