IRA statement delay till August…

Paul Colgan reports that announcement of the conclusion to the much heralded Adams’ initiative is to be further postponed, according to government sources.

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  1. The IRA and Sinn Fein must not be permitted to use the same old negotiating tactics again-using the “statement” as the first stage of a negotiating process to win concession after concession from a pathetically weak government.
    It is time for a change in the negotiating paradigm which unites in government all those parties which have proven democratic principles.
    When it becomes clear that the IRA and Sinn Fein have genuinely converted to peaceful politics and are prepared to meet the tests that would confirm this transformation they could be considered for inclusion in sharing power and responsibility in a new Assembly.

  2. Why are we waiting?
    Oh why are we waiting?
    Waiting ****ing waiting

    Want to slip another roobery in lads before you say you’ll be sort of maybe in totality, after addressing the causes of the conflict, tell you but not see us getting rid of a good whack of the gear and become an organisation glorifying sectarian murder (sorry thats right) commemmorative organisation.

  3. I would imagine there are a limited number of dates available. This is the time of the year when the hunger strikers were dying. It’s also marching season, and there have been many long hot summers in which the RA have played an active part.

    I’m sure they (and their political bedfellows, to whatever extent they have a role in this) would ideally like to time any announcement so that it doesn’t coincide with the anniversary of the death of some figure in the pantheon of republican heroes, or with the anniversary of some horrific massacre.

    There’s probably a news sycle thing to it as well – when would you aim for? I’d go Thursday afternoon for the early evening news(a) avoids getting it lost in the weekend fever on a Friday; (b) you can see the week evolving so as to avoid competing news stories; (c) in time for digestion by the Sunday commentators; (d) perfect day for TV – Prime Time and Question Time; (e) stops Blair milking it at PMQs; (f) gives priests up and down the country time to write a decent homily; (g) nixes Martin 0’Muilleoir’s hopes of scooping it in the Andytown News

    There may not be that many Thursdays (or whatever day it is) in the not too distant which don’t coincide with some skeleton form the past. 18th August coincides with the Army’s murder of Eamonn McDevitt, for example. 25th is two days before Mountbatten and Narrow Water. 15th (Omagh) might be an interesting date to fashion swords into ploughshares, but it’s a Monday.

    Anyone want to volunteer as research beeyatch? We could run a SluggerSweep on the date.

    To paraphrase the bard, “If twere done, when twere done, twere best done in the way best calculated to maximise propaganda value.”

  4. considering loyalists are attacking catholic homes and feuding with one another,a delay is required.the psni wont protect catholics

  5. “a delay is required.the psni wont protect catholics”

    So they won’t give a statement saying they have given up violence until they get involved in a bit more violence? Hmmm.

  6. CG

    “Good and ready

    Fair enough don;t want anyone running to embracing democratic standards and not understanding the consequence.

    The Unionist community should follow the republican lead and ruminate on the statement for a good time too. How’s about a response from Paisley at next year’s 12th field?

  7. The problem is fair_deal there is no need to wait on the good doctors answer – he’ll pull out that old standard of his and slap his cards down on the table with a yell of NO!!!

    Then we’ll all sit and wait (as always) to gauge the real rection of the DUP.

    A flash of cynicism may is at times healthy, but really fellow posters, chronic cynicism will be the end of us all.

  8. It wouldn’t matter if the provo’s handed over all their weapons along with the proceeds of the bank raids, Paisley would still find something to complain about, but the world and his wife knows that he doesn’t want a catholic about the place!

  9. “a delay is required.the psni wont protect catholics”

    So they won’t give a statement saying they have given up violence until they get involved in a bit more violence? Hmmm.

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