When is a drive-by shooting not a drive-by shooting?

When it’s “part of a dispute between individuals”.. obviously. Sinn Féin MLA Willie Clarke appears to have definite information on what could accurately be described as a drive-by shooting in Burrendale estate in Newcastle, Co Down. Is he calling for the police to take action?.. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. The police, on the other hand, have appealed for anyone who may have information concerning the incident to contact them. Update Edited heading.

  • yerman

    Of course the ‘boul Mr Clarke mightnt want too much focus on Newcastle. When you have large groups of republicans attacking the Orange Arch, Orange Hall and 12th decorations in the town then drive-by shootings it would probably open up to many hard to answer questions.

    What is obviously needed is a community restorative justice programme. Maybe even take the thugs away rafting for the weekend. But on absolutely no account should the criminal filth which carry out these kinds of things be brought before the courts and recieve a fair punishment for their crimes. That wouldnt do at all would it.

  • mourne

    Newcastle has also seen its fair share of loyalist sectarian attacks.

    I don’t recall the criminal filth which tried to burn 2 priests in their home being brought before the courts.


  • reed

    Must have been a bad news day, today.

  • Waitnsee

    You’d advocate Community Restorative Justice for them as well would you?
    More hopeless Shinner whataboutery on policing. Did somebody fumigate the woodwork tonight or what?

  • reality check

    yet another media fabrication trying to destroy republican efforts in the peace process

  • Blackadder

    “yet another media fabrication trying to destroy republican efforts in the peace process”


    Could you clarify and qualify this statement? It appears that a shooting did happen, as evidenced by the comments of Willie Clarke.

  • Dessertspoon

    I’m sure it’s been said before but Reality Check you really need to get one!! This is not a fabricated story it actually happened and the reporting of it has in no way sought to undermine SF and their efforts in the Peace Process. They can do that all on their own it would seem!!

  • fair_deal

    Is community restorative justice any good for reahbilitating drink drivers?

  • JD

    If people would like a serious discussion on the merits of community restorative justice I will oblige.

    CRJ, which operates were I live, is a community based mediation service which has been extremely successful in resolving low level anti social disputes which if left unresolved can escalate into much more serious incidents. I think this may have been the point that Willie Clarke was trying to make. This appears to be a local dispute that has escalated to a shooting and an earlier intervention may have prevented this.