Testing times for dirty warriors…

EMERSON passes the Stakeknife test.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    Interesting read, although I suppose there’s hardly anything surprising.

  • Alan McDonald

    I must admit to being a fan of Newt’s, and I especially loved the line, we are all so skilled at unpicking the threads of each other’s arguments that we lose sight of the larger tapestry.

  • Mick Hall

    Lets highlight the disgraceful mess the Brits/loyalist’s stables are in, it will take the pressure off the fact our own are in such a filthy state. Hell no matter, it is only our working class communities who have to live amongst the stench and they will put up with anything we stick up them these days, Have,nt we seen those McCartneys off? After all Freddie did a lot of people a lot of favors down the years, the last thing we want is for that stuff to resurface.

    What a bucket of shit!

  • aquifer

    Good to see Newton keeping his blade sharp

  • circles

    Very good article – sticks the fingers right in the shinners wounds.
    Whatever happened to Freddie Scappaticci anyway?


    He went back to Italy in order to lay low for a while, much like Al Pacino did in the Godfather.
    I expect he is holed up in some little peasant village where they are barely civilised….Oh wait a minute, that’s where he started.


  • martin

    He never left Belfast.

  • Wichser

    Is Scapp unemployed does anyone know ?


    “Is Scapp unemployed does anyone know ?”

    Why not phone the intelligence services and find out?

  • Wichser

    Aye but sure they’d only deny they knew of his existence. More intel lies, see.

  • martin

    Id imagine he has continued in his ice-cream buisness as he did during most of his life